Blood lust

This family is not an ordinary family but either is the world they live it. Only at the age of six and seven a blood thirsty sister and strange brother was taught that killing was a necessary part of their life. The rest of the world may not know about their birth but the victims sure do.


10. No name???


*His P.O.V* 

     BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!! I groaned slapping the alarm on the floor. Ugh it's 6 a.m already?? I rolled out the bed falling on the floor. My sleep didn't go well . I just stood awake laying down staring at the ceiling. Every once in a while I would drift off only to be awaken by my thoughts. I just want to lay down on this cold ground all day. Mother been delaying my time to kill for a while now and it's really starting to annoy me. Is she aware that I lied over the years about killing only to be taking credit for some of my sister's doing? Nah, I'm just over thinking yet again. 
     Mother walked into the room. "Stop being sluggish. Go take a shower and brush your teeth. We don't have an second to waste." She threw me a towel she got from the hook behind my door. " Move it. Progress can't be made when actions don't take place." With that she shut the door behind her. I sat up rubbing my hair, I can tell today will be a long day hopefully only for her. I carefully selected my clothes neatly placing them folded on the dresser. What the fudging Popsicle! I jerked back after seeing how badly I looked in the mirror. My eyes had dark marks from the lack of sleep. My hair was a mess in all directions and I couldn't seem to find my brush. I guess I can borrow Nina's after my shower. 
     Time flew by quickly. I got dressed after brushing my teeth and taking a shower. I'm more alert then before excited about seeing my prisoner again. I put on my batman perfume from Hot topic and ahead to Nina's room. I took a deep breath before turning the doorknob. It was very gloomy, not inviting at all but my appearance is way more important then my sister's threats. I proceeded walked to the bay window and open the curtains.The sunlight reflected off the window invading the room. The candles from the last time Nina was in here sat in the circle on the floor surrounding spots of dry blood. Wow, I guess mother never comes in here.   
      It took about twenty to thirty minutes to get my hair done neatly. I wish I had more time but my mother kept yelling to hurry down stairs. By the time I got down she had my sister's and the girl's breakfast prepared on the tray. Really? Just grits, eggs and toast? Come on ! Where's the bacon? I don't want to have breakfast with no bacon! I blame that piece of rubbish for coming today.  I picked up the tray, walked to my mother room placing it on the dresser before entering the code.
      "Son I didn't want you to bother having to go back down for your food so I thought I should bring it to you". I turned to see my mom with my breakfast platter in her had and a cup of orange juice. She was dressed odd today. Her hair was up in a ponytail. She wore a trench coat with what looks like stockings and heels. " Why are you dressed like that mother?" I asked curiously. "Sometimes females.." She paused before continuing. "Don't worry about." She peaked into the chamber seeing Nina cuddled up with the girl before she can get her thoughts out the door bell rang . I walked into the chamber with the tray I previously placed on the dresser. Mother placed my breakfast and orange juice on the ground in front of the exit. "Take care of that." She whispered when the door bell rung again and closed the chamber. 
       I placed the tray down near my breakfast platter. I can't believe she would cuddle that girl after she yelled at me for being near her. I quickly walked over and notice the blood on the ground. In panic I immediately shook Nina. She let of groans a couple of times before sitting up rubbing her eyes. " What is it? What do you want now?" she asked sounding extremely annoyed. "Who's blood is that?" My voice trembled. "Catherine's. Look at her head stupid." she rolled her eyes covering her breast. "Here take my shirt, I insist." I quickly took it off and handed it over.

      "Do you mind if I rip it? I need to clean Catherine's wound." She softly tapped on the girl waking her. "Oh that's her name. Since when you became so close to her?".raised an eyebrow curious. "Don't be foolish. I'm not remotely close to her. I'm simply repaying an act of kindness. Besides you're the one that suppose to kill her not mother." Catherine sat up confused and dizzy. "What happen? Why is there blood every where?" She asked. That hit to that head must have really got to her. "My mother hit you with a branding iron in the back of the head after you turned away from her." Nina replied. I chuckled at the thought. "Ugh, I'm not surprised that seemed funny to you asshole." Catherine said glaring at the me. "What ever you're dying slowly. Be glad we are doing you a solid (Favor)." I watched as Nina ripped my shirt and used it to replaced the first "bandage". "Yeah because holding me captive, saying you are going to kill me, and oh lets not forget the best part ! Physical abusing me is what a girl dreams of ! What a joy!" She smiled sarcastically trying to sound excited. 

      "Shut up! We are doing God's work! You don't have to sin because we are going to kill you while you are innocent. My sister and I gave our lives to make sure children like us don't have to go into a meaningless war and stain their hands with blood! God will not accept those who disobey his commandments!" Her eyes darkened as if my words released something in her. "God's work... That's rich coming from someone like you. Tell me something...What gives yall the right to take innocent lives? To choose someone's destiny? What god do speak of?" She starred at the ground with her fist placed flat against her side. "God forgive those who sin. Especially those are mislead and used. You're just like Gaberial. You are a disgrace to the human race!"  Her voice was strong and loud but I wouldn't dare let her compare me to that man. 

      I lifted my hand sending a sharp swing through the air. The back of my hand struck my sister cheek. "Brother. Don't hurt her, she's already in bad shape." Nina started to snivel. "Why are you protecting her after everything she said!" I pleaded. "Don't you see! Mother was the one that told us we had to kill. She said it's god's will. All we been doing was following her. I remember that night I last seen Father. He was against raising us as murderers. He wanted to take us with him." She sobbed covering her face. "I thought you didn't remember father. You lied to me! " I wanted to comfort my sister but I wanted answers the most. 

      With one quick move I had her hanging by her collar. "What was the name father gave me!" I shook her hollering. "I don't know! Put me down!" Nina plea kicking her feet. "Liar!" I swung Nina sending her body hitting the wall and collapsing like a lifeless corpse. "Leave her alone!" The girl yelled from behind me. Immediately I turned to face her position. "I'll leave her alone if you tell me your name." I couldn't suppress my snicker. 

       "My name is Catherine but don't you dare speak my name. You do not have the right." Her attitude makes me want her more. Just watching her get all worked up while helpless pleased me. "Well Catherine. Does my sister have the right? She took countless lives with her own hands. I haven't taken one life yet. However, you seem to despise me instead of her." I knee at her side. "Do you know what it's like to do someone's bedding without people knowing of your existence? Not having a birth certificate.. Or even a name?" I asked arching an eyebrow. 

      "Just leave her alone. She helped me that's more then you ever done." She forced herself up.  Despite the pain and obviously lack of strength she still forced her way over to my sister.

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