Blood lust

This family is not an ordinary family but either is the world they live it. Only at the age of six and seven a blood thirsty sister and strange brother was taught that killing was a necessary part of their life. The rest of the world may not know about their birth but the victims sure do.


5. Mother's Punishment

    I followed mother to her room. I knew this couldn't be good because mother has a secret room in hers' where she would put me in for punishment. She grabbed a whip that was placed on her bed and sat down facing me. I swallowed hard looking down at my feet. "So tell me, who was at fault for the girl getting away? She said in a high pitch voice. "Momma it wasn't me. I was going to make her unconscious again but brother wouldn't let me." I pleaded. "You would have killed her if it wasn't for your brother. You're the cause of it. He wouldn't  had to pay attention to you and the girl would have been where she belonged" she said in a cold voice.

   " Mother I'm sorry forgive me". I begged. With a quick swing of her arm the whipped hit me across my face. I felled to the floor like a lifeless doll holding the side of my face. "Don't call me mother. You don't deserve to." she kicked my stomach forcing me to hold it and position myself in a ball. "Melanie I didn't mean to. Please stop." I pleaded once more. She swung the whip continuously as I screamed in pain. " Don't you ever tell me what to do!" She raged at me. I felt my back burning in agony as blood drip from my back. The pain hurt so much that my screams became silent. I felt like in any moment I was about to die. I knew better not to tell her what to do but I couldn't bear the pain any longer.

   The door open and my brother came in limping holding the girl by the arm. She closed her eyes when she saw me on the floor with my mother lashing me. "Mother!" my brother yelled to my mother. She stopped and faced him. " Now son you know better then to be yelling at me." I couldn't moved and just laid there sobbing. " My apologies, but punishing sister in front of our guess isn't a first good impression don't you think? Besides sis must look in good shape if you want her to bring others into our home might I add". I knew brother was good at convincing mother but why do he has to be the hero all the time? I hate him for it, even if he is helping me because I knew he would find a way to throw it in my face. "You are right but she's sleeping in the chamber for three days with no food and no one would be threating her wounds during the time." she step toward the girl stretching out her hands to place it on girl's face. She made a slight noise but mother still touched her. "Mother but she would be weak and no one would talk to her." He replied. " Don't worry after she eats and we threat her after her punishment she will be fine" Brother knew not to push it so he didn't respond.

    "Where was she hiding?" mother questioned him. "She was in the hiding up in one of the cabinets". He responded. "So you never fled the house" mother told the girl grabbing ahold of her hair."Oww" she blurred out. "What? You can't do nothing but scream." mother yelled. "Answer her." brother said sounded tough towards the girl. "No I didn't have time to" she cried out. "Put her with your sister in the chamber." mother command brother. "Yes mother." and with that she walked out the room. He told the girl to sit down near the bed where he can watch her. "Don't make any stupid decisions or you will get hurt." he warned her. He limbed to a picture frame and took it off the wall. Behind it is a metal square that mother puts a code in to open up the secret door. I looked at the girl with evil eyes. The boor opened up on the left side of the room. When it was close the wall looked completely normal. Mother knew how to hide what ever she wanted hidden. He picked me up and order the girl into the chamber. I yelped as soon as he lifted me off the ground. He looked at my eyes. I knew he felted sorry and I couldn't bear the look he gave me so I looked away from him.

    He placed me in the middle of the chamber. " I have some sleeping bag for the two of you but unfortunately I have to go to my room to get them." he stated. "Please get it" I mumbled. "huh?" he questioned. "I think she wants you to get them" the girl added. "Yea right, so you can try to run off again? I'm not stupid." He replied. " I'm not going to and you was stupid enough not to pay attention to me when you two where talking." she said with an attitude. "Listen smart ass I would just kill you to shut your ass up or better yet leave you in here forever to die slowly." he said with a smirk. " I think I would like the option for you to kill me now." she faked a smile. With the little strength I had yelled go to my brother and he left to get the sleeping bags.


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