Blood lust

This family is not an ordinary family but either is the world they live it. Only at the age of six and seven a blood thirsty sister and strange brother was taught that killing was a necessary part of their life. The rest of the world may not know about their birth but the victims sure do.


9. Mother ?

     "Mother what are your plans for the girl. She stood alive longer then anyone that was bought here."  He sat next to his mother. "Why are you so concern about the worthless child." She replies suspiciously. "I don't like having her around my sister for so long. She wanted to kill her as soon as I brought her but now you have her with the girl for way to long." He moved his dark brown hair from his eyes. "Are you questioning my motives!?!" She inquired. "Not at all mother. I just worried about my sister's mind being poison by that young girl." He walked towards his mother's dresser where she kept all her liquor. What she consider her medication to all her problems. Melanie lay back on her beautiful silk sheets with her arms folded against her forehead responding "Don't worry about your sister she isn't a priority at the moment. Gabriel is coming over tomorrow so you must join your sister and that little bitch... ". " Mother your language!" He blurted out. His mother stun by the sudden out burst didn't say a word. The room fell into a uncomfortable state.

      After two awful minutes of dead silence she continued on "Sorry I'm just extremely tired. I will ask god forgiveness during my prayer before bed. After I return from work be prepare to join them. Now pass me a glass of whiskey."  She responded seeming irritated. "Why are you allowing that pig into our home? He is a cruel dictator who does the devil's deeds. This house is pure and shall not be tarnish by him!" He knew raising his voice at his mother was the worst idea. Griping the glass of whiskey in his head he walked over to the side of the bed where his mother's legs was dangling. She sat up and snatched the whiskey out of his hand. "I will not have you speak to me like you have no common sense!" with that she send a vicious kick to his genitals. "Do i have to remind you that you are not alive to the rest of the word for you own protection!? Gabriel does a swipe of everyone house every year when you and your sister is gone to the lake house. This year it is early. I can not and will not have you jeopardize this family!" She took the shot of whiskey feeling a the wonderful burning sensation down her throat.

   "Do you hear and comprehend the words that are coming out of my mouth!?"  He laid curled up pain on the floor while his hands was position over his genitals. "Yes ma" he forced the words out.  "Good boy. Go get some sleep, I have a gift for you tomorrow morning."  She grinned. He struggled to get up. His mother barely hits him, especially not as bad as she treats Nina but when she does he feels betrayed. He quietly got up and proceeded to the door hunched over. "Aren't you forgetting something ?" She called out. "Goodnight Mother" with his words fading away into the air he made his way to the kitchen. He opened the kitchen door to retrieve an ice back. Placing in on his genitals he let out a a sigh of relief. "Ah that feels so much better." He said out loud to himself. He made his way up stairs glaring down the hall. To get to his room he had to pass his sister's room. It felt weird not having her in her room. Giving him slick remarks every time he would stand at the door frame or open the door before knocking. He proceed to wall down the hall thinking about moments they had. Mother didn't allow her to put up the red sign of her name she loved so much so her room door was exactly like his. A plain bull white door just like the walls in the house. Melanie's room was the only one in the house to have color at all. The rest of the house had white furniture, covers, drapes, etc. Hell I bet if she got a pet it will be white as well. If it remains only in her room then it just might be pink. He chuckled at the thought before pausing in front of her door reminiscing.

          * Flash Back *
    "Mommy went to work?" She rubbed her eyes half sleep walking out her room. He kneed in front of her not that he was much taller then her. "Yes sister, why do you ask?" His voice was much softer then normal in the mornings. She rushed back into the room scrambling through her night stand before rushing back out. "Here big brother put it up for me." She says handing him the sign. He hung the sign on her doorknob. Every time their mother goes to work to put it up and take it back down upon her arrival. That time she let him do it. She was so excited to see her name up that she would run around in a circle smiling. That was only two years ago. It was the last time he saw his sister smiling.

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