Blood lust

This family is not an ordinary family but either is the world they live it. Only at the age of six and seven a blood thirsty sister and strange brother was taught that killing was a necessary part of their life. The rest of the world may not know about their birth but the victims sure do.


7. I think i might kill her myself

      I rubbed the back of my neck trying to catch my breath. I laid still on the ground staring at the ceiling. I'm glad she is in pain because she could have killed me this instant. The rest of the day was quite, well I assume the day was over after her brother gave me dinner and came back to get it. The room had no windows and was completely empty. I felt like nothing more then a animal, a worthless piece of shit. I crawled into my sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep. The woods appear in the distance and I ran to a shallow. I couldn't see the guy face even though I was near him. I laughed and danced in the snow. His voice seem so familiar to me as if I knew him for years. It comfort me and made me finally feel safe. Oddly I felt free but not from being kidnap but free in general. From life, misery, worries and problems. I stretched out my hand to grab his but he faded into the wind and I was suddenly home. My room was exactly how it was before I went to shoot arrows. Clothes are on the floor and my bed was a mess.

      I can hear my mother down stairs yelling for me to clean my room before I go. As usually I gave her a dishonest okay and grab my bow and arrows from my closet. I rushed down stairs and kissed her cheek saying goodbye. Running out the house she yelled behind me to come back so I did. "Yes mother?" I said in a low voice hoping she doesn't know I disobeyed her. "Be careful, I don't want you out there late at night." She gave me that mother look as if she knew something might happen. I knew she was right I mean I'm only seven but I least I have the brain of an older child like most kids do at the time. The government was ran by soldiers and we are taken away by them at the age of ten to go to school. It wasn't really a school where you learn from books and had teachers. I wish it was something like that. In this school you had to take what is know as a fitness test which isn't really what you are thinking. The test last for a week and is done in the wilderness. It was a difficult test that determines if you are good enough to survive a battle and had the ability to be on your own and still make it. If you fail you are either killed while you are tested or the soldiers will kill you if you make it to the end but aren't strong enough to walk or pretty much do anything. After you passed the test and still alive you are in training to become a strong soldier and might later on be put to war. Parents do they best to teach there children to think more mature and accept the government. Sounds pretty stupid to me but one person against the government wont go very well.

      "I will be careful and come back when the sunset " I gave her one last hug and headed to the woods. By the time I was deep in the woods I started to here a voice. "AYE GIRL WAKE UP". It was a boys voice but I couldn't pin point which direction it was coming from. I looked around trying to figure out where it was coming from. The voice kept on repeating. "Wake the fuck up!" I felt a sudden pain on my cheek and jumped out my sleep. "Breakfast" he said with a grin on his face. "Don't you dare ever touch me again!" Feeling extremely awake I yelled with my face turning red. " I can do what ever the fuck I please." he replied with confidence. "Leave the damn girl alone and stop acting tough brother. I know you like her and I know what I saw even if you say it's a lie." His sister was now wrapped in her sleeping bag sitting in the corner. "Wait what the fuck she's talking about?!?". My eyes switch back and fourth to both of them. He looked down at the floor in shame. "Tell her brother. Tell her how you wanted to kiss her so bad when she was sleep." A twisted grin appeared on her face. I can tell she was still weak from the way she was still holding on her stomach.

      "Shut the fuck up!" He stood up heading her direction. "Don't touch her!" I stood up and he froze half way to her turning to face me. "Why on earth do you care what happens to my sister? She's the one that wants you dead the most." He questioned and studied me. "Because I don't want to be in this room smelling her rot." I busted out. "Aren't you a little heartless soul." He smiled and continued to walk. " Not caring if someone die in your presents. I will do you a favor then. I will kill her then move her out the room". He started to walk toward her. Her face expression haven't changed at all. It was cold and fearless like she didn't care at all. "NO! She's your sister you suppose to protect her not hurt her. What the fuck is wrong with you people. You people are fucked up." She quickly took her attention off her brother and looked at me. No matter how much of a danger to me she is I didn't want to see her hurt anymore then she already was. Besides how much pain someone can take?

      He walked out the room closing the door behind him not saying a word. His sister still was looking at me. "Thank you, by the way my name is Nina." she still was cold-hearted yet something was different to her. "Mines is Catherine" I replied sliding the tray he placed on the ground earlier before he slapped me. "You can have my breakfast besides you need it more then me." Trying to sound nicer then I really was. She quickly ate the food not saying a word. The rest of the day we shared my meals. I figured maybe if I can get her to like me I have a more likely chance of living. The room became oddly cold. The floor felt like ice so we made sure we stayed on the sleeping bags. Heavy foot steps was approaching the door. The person was gliding something against the wall. From the way Nina's face appeared I knew it wasn't anything good. She shivered rubbing her hands on her arms. Her eyes was wide open I wasn't sure if it was from fear or it was to cold for her to blink.

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