Blood lust

This family is not an ordinary family but either is the world they live it. Only at the age of six and seven a blood thirsty sister and strange brother was taught that killing was a necessary part of their life. The rest of the world may not know about their birth but the victims sure do.


8. Brand Me Not

     "Melanie" her teeth chattered as she spoke. She stood up firm standing only at 3'8 trying to regain her composure.  My eyes was forced on Nina I couldn't believe how strong she really was. Her gorgeous long red hair covered her back down to her butt. I can tell it was dye since I remember my mother redyeing her hair black every two months. "How is the weather girls?" Melanie asked in a sarcastic tone. I rolled my eyes standing up. Reaching down I noticed a metal object in her hand from the corner of my eye. I couldn't make out what it was but I'm pretty sure I seen something like it before. Picking my sleeping bag up I turned around towards the back of the chamber when suddenly I received sharp blow to the back of my head. 

                   Nina's POV 

     "Who the fuck you think you are!?" my mother yelled followed by a wicked laugh. Catherine laid face down blood escaping from the open wound behind her head. "Answer me you little bitch!" She demanded."I think she might be dead." I tried to explain."She better not be!" sending a vicious attack to the right side of Catherine's body she commanded me to check for a pulse. I bent down on my knees and carefully turned Catherine on her back. I turned her left hand palm-side up, then placed placed two fingers between the bone and the tendon over her radial artery. I barely felt her pulse. I counted the number of beats per 15 seconds before i told my mother she was nearing death. "Keep the bitch alive. We wouldn't want anyone to die fast." she replied with a crooked smile. "We?" I was puzzled she would use the word we when I'm on punishment. "Yes we or have you chosen the side of water before your own blood!" Her words boiled my blood. I no longer felt the cold that surrounded me. " Mother, I love you dearly. This family means more to me then a random stranger. I have done everything you asked growing up even if it but me in harms way and put up with punishment even if at times i don't deserve them. Not to upset you but if you don't realize that then you should evaluate how you see your children. Before you lose me not only in death but in spirit as well." I replied with a stern look. 

     She shrugged her shoulders as if nothing i said matters."You're only alive because your sweet brother cares about you.You are a worthless good for nothing daughter. That why your father left because he couldn't stand the sight of you." with that she walked towards the exit dragging the branding iron on the concrete. "Keep the bitch alive. If you give one fuck about your worthless life, you will try your best." The chamber close letting darkness take over. Quickly i took off my shirt and tore it. I mount Catherine and Lifted her up until she is leading against my chest. Struggling to find the wound I can feel her blood on my legs and hands. "Don't die yet " I whisper into the air. I tightly wrapped my shirt around her wound and made a knot. I carefully placed her laying back down and crawled on the floor to find my sleeping back. Successful I shoved hers and my sleeping bag under her head. The chamber now felt colder then before. Did she really make it colder to make me suffer even more? Did my father really hated me? I snuggled against Catherine to stay warm.

 Nina: "Daddy! Daddy! " she runs towards the car where he father was under the hood.

 Father: "Hey there cupcake. Why are you up so late?" he replied in a calm tired voice.

 Nina: "I couldn't sleep daddy. Why you and mommy was fighting? I woke up hearing mommy and you screaming."

 Father: "Now cupcake that's none of your concern. Daddy and mommy just don't agree on somethings nothing to worry about. Does mommy know you are out here ?"

 Nina: "No. I seen you outside through my window and wanted you to tell me stories like you always do to put me to sleep. So i sneaked pasted mommy because I know she wouldn't let me outside at this time."

 Father: "Mommy just wants you to be safe." he carefully moved from under the hood and pick up the little girl. She wore a white night grown and a red ribbon that kept her hair in a ponytail. " Would you like to go with daddy on a car ride?" 

  Nina: "Yay!" her excitement died down when she realized her brother is still sleeping and wont be able to join them. " But what about brother. He loves the car rides as much as I do."

 Father: "I'm sorry cupcake but if we go inside now. Your mother would be alarmed and you wont able to go on the car ride anymore".

 Nina: "Please. He had a rough day with that boy I brought home today. He really would enjoy it daddy."

 Father: He hesitated before letting out a yes. He knew how much his son had to go through. In excitement Nina cheered. "Shhh she will hear you." The front door opened. In a rushed he hid his daughter on the right side of the car. "Don't come out or say a word until I say so." 

 Mother: "Where are you going!? You have a family to take care of. You have responsibilities and if you can't accept the way I want to raise my kids then shallow your pride."

 Father: "They are just children! Don't you think they have enough to deal with when it comes to the government? Raising them to kill other children for a stupid belief that isn't true is absurd." 

 Mother: "It's true!? They are going to heaven. They are being free of this demonic world. Its ashamed that our kids have to help them but if this family doesn't then who will."

 Father: "Our kids? That's funny because you act as if you are the only parent. We brought them into the world together and kept them out of the governments sight. To keep them safe not to turn them into murderers!"

 Mother: "They are doing the work of god! Protecting the children of the world from an evil life. They would eventually grow up killing in wars our children are helping them pass on pure."

 Father: "That is not the work of god! My son and daughter is a sinner because of you and i will not allow it to continue any longer."

 Mother: "What are you going to do!? Nothing! You know why?" her voice becomes more confident. "Because I am always right."

 Father: "Yeah.You are right." He voice was sarcastic. He turned away " I should check on the children they probably are up from your yelling".

  The little slowly glide down the side on the car sit on the dirt. The night was unusually warm . The moon covered by the grey skies. Thunder roar in the air making her quiver in fear.

 Mother: " So now you want to act like a father today ?" She follows behind him keeping a close distance.

 Thunder strikes the ground in fury. The scared little girl closes her eyes hoping her father would return for her. After ten minutes of waiting she heard her father shouting her name. Only to see her father crying her brother in his hands and her mother crying out for him to come back she revels herself.

 Nina: "What is wrong daddy?" she ask in concern.

 Father: "Get in the car now. We are leaving your mommy for a few days." he said in a calm voice.

 Brother: "No I want to stay with mother " he pleaded .

 Mother rushed her daughter before the little girl can open the car door. 

 Mother: "Just take a ride with me please. Leave the children in the house so we can talk and maybe everything would work out. You always said we get along better when we go out for rides" she begged her husband.

 Father: He puts down the little boy and gets on his knees in front of his children. "Remember the government doesn't know of your existence. Go inside and lock the door do not get near the windows and stay hidden until we return."

   The children did what their father have told them only to wake up to their father disappearance and left only with the explanation their mother have told them while making them a big breakfast for the first time. 

    A groan escaped the lips of Catherine snapping Nina out of her flash back. " Everyone deserves the flames but it's such a shame". Nina sings a song softly. A smile appeared on Catherine's face as she drifted off. Just for precaution, she checked Catherine's pulse once more before closing her eyes.


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