Blood lust

This family is not an ordinary family but either is the world they live it. Only at the age of six and seven a blood thirsty sister and strange brother was taught that killing was a necessary part of their life. The rest of the world may not know about their birth but the victims sure do.


6. Alone together

    My body felt weak almost lifeless. The girl watched as my brother left and sat in the corner crying. I guess she wasn't as tough as she seems. She stood in the corner with her arms wrapped around her knees. I don't why she's crying for she's not the one hurt yet. My brother got back and she quickly went silent placing her head down on her arms. He tossed her the sleeping bag laying mines neatly on the floor. He then picked me up and placed me in it. As he closed the room shut he mumbled something but I didn't get what it was.
  ~ Victim~
  "Bye baby girl" He said in a mumble. At least that's what I think he said. I hope he wasn't talking to me I'm sure ain't his baby girl. I wasn't planning to sleep so I didn't bother with the sleeping bag. I wonder what the girl was thinking about when she seen me cry. I guess I know why she's fucked up in the head now. Her mother is the reason for the loose strings in the girls head. I sat and thought to myself.
    ~little girl~
The sleeping bag was more comfortable then the floor it let off some of the pain. I cuddle into it some more and rested my head. I heard no movement from the corner so I knew the girl was still in the same position. She is the reason I'm in this room now. I can't wait to heal to show her how much I truly hate  her. I reflexed my body and let out a yelp when I turned on my side. Slowly but surely I fell into sleep
  I could help but notice she was in pain. Her yelp said it all. She began to silver in her sleep. Her mother really made this room cold but I didn't mind it. I got up and placed my sleep bag on her to provide her with more warmth and sat back in the corner. My mind began to force on my way out.  I can't die here I have a live outside this house.  I fought my sleep thinking of ideas until I finally drifted off.
  I woken up from a large bang on the wall. The boy walked in wearing red pajama bottoms with a white tee. He walked toward me and laid a tray with French toast and orange juice in front of me. "Eat up princess" he whisper. I tired not to pay attention to his words and kept my head down. He walked to his sister and kissed her cheek leaving the room.  I was starving but I didn't want to eat. I could feel my tumbling and I knew I wasn't the only one.
  ~ the little girl~
    Great all my brother did was kissed my cheek after giving the girl breakfast. My stomach was in knots from hunger but I am not completely sure if it wasn't from my mother kicking it. I stared at the wall praying that he would return with something for me to eat. I heard foot step coming toward me. "If I was you I wouldn't come any closer. " my voice didn't sound threatening.
  She didn't stop at all and continued. She sat on right side of me at the edge of my feet. " It not like you can do anything in the condition you're in." Oh great another smart ass. Bad enough I have to deal with my brother on regular bases. "I just wanted to know if you are hungry." Her voiced sounded caring yet regretful. She can't be serious. "No, now go away you know I can't eat." I commanded. "Well you know you're mother would think you are so strong if you lasted three days in good health even after that beating you took. But.. If you say so fine." She walked back to her corner eating one of the French toast and drinking some orange juice.
      She had to eat or in the condition she's in would die tomorrow. That's just nasty staying in a room with a dead girl for a day and half. I saved some food on the tray hoping she would ask for it but instead she stood silent. "I thought you want to make your mother proud but I guess you won't be able to since you're going to die because you won't eat!" I  shouted to her. "Stfu no I'm not" she said back in sadness. 
      " Yes, I bet you're dying of hunger. If you even wanted to hit me you couldn't . You're nothing but a loser." I respond harshly. I must have gotten to her because she didn't say nothing in return. Five minutes later her brother return for the tray. "I see you haven't eaten much ". He looked at the tray then me.  "So" I said rolling my eyes. "Some people are grateful for food. You should be lucky." he looked at his sister with a worry look but she was facing the other direction. "I would be grateful if you just leave me alone." I replied in a sharp voice.

      He picked up the tray and disappear once more. He's sister mumbled something to me. I'm glad that I didn't hear it because if it was anything negative I would have snap. I been here long enough and I just want to leave. Maybe if I gain their trust they would let me go. I looked at the girl and came up with an amazing plan if I do say so myself. "Come again, what was that?" I asked trying to sound as friendly as possible.

     ~the little girl~

    "You are right, I am loser. My mother is right too I can't do anything without messing up". I responded in a low voice. The rumbling of my stomach became louder. I felt like my insides were eating me. I can't believe I told her anything but then there's nothing to do but talk. I want this girl dead as bad as she wants to leave. "No you are not." she said. This time her voice didn't sound normal. " Are you lying to try to make me feel better?" I asked wanting laugh at her. " Don't read anything into it. I just don't want to hear a sob story or having you cry for hours. Unlike you I want to sleep." she said in a snotty attitude.

    " I can't wait to rip you guts out." I shot back. " I don't care if you do. You would be doing me a huge favor because being around insane people is worst then hell." she shouted. " Girl trust me the pain you're going to feel is twice that. Matter fact I have a better idea if you keep up that attitude."  I smiled as the words came out my mouth. How dare she talk to me like that. In a way I admire her little bravery even though I know she going to die in a matter of days. Once again the stupid little girl sat next to me. " What? Since you and your family is to kill me anyways. I mean might as well tell me since I'm going to die." she questioned. " I don't need to explain anything to you. You're nothing but a dirty girl who got picked by my brother." I replied covering myself with the sleeping bag.

    "Why did he picked me anyways." she continued. "Oh my fucking god! I don't know maybe because the first person he wanted to kill he wanted to be pretty! Now leave me the fuck alone! I'm not an open book for you to explore" I shouted in anger. Her curiosity was getting annoying I hated to be questioned. "GOD! Don't you dear use god when you don't even know a god. You're a killer the devil is all you know." Her words struck me like lighting. " You don't know nothing about me or anything I believe in, so don't go judging me!" tears came streaming down my eyes. I was so glad she couldn't see them. " Says the girls who is dying to rip my guts out" she mocked.

    "Fuck you" I attacked her wrapping my hands around her neck. All of a sudden I had gain so much strength. Her face turned red as she kicked her feet. " Die you stupid Bitch!" I laughed as I saw the light in her eyes fade. she gripped my arms and managed to get her feet under me. She kicked me in the stomach making me fall to the ground. All the pain came back. I put myself in the ball and cried out in pain.


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