My life...

I used to be a normal 19 year old girl named Jay Clark...Until the day my mother was killed. My dad became a drunken after that. To this day my life mission has been to figure out how she died and you will never guess who decided to help me. One Direction. I set of course with my mission when I fall in love. Why me? Why now? All good questions yet, I don't have time to answer them


6. the guys

Jays POV

"Jay get your butt down here!!!" I heard Skype scream from down stairs. "ok" I said back. I went of the room and began to walk down the stairs. I closed my eyes not wanting to see their reaction "Jay you look beautiful I mean wow" zayn said. I opened my eyes to see a gob smacked (British for amazed, wowed ,shocked)  I was warring a purple strapless dress that came a little above my knees  and a pair of purple '4 inch heels that were totally murdering my feet and my hair was braded into a french braid going towards the left. " thanks " I said opening my eyes and  blushing lightly. Zayn walked towards me and held out his hand I took it and he bowed  and said " shall we" I smiled a "yes". "aw its prince charming and um....princesses charming" Skype said not knowing what to say "nice try Skype"  I said. "we should go now" Zayn said letting go of my hand and looking at his watch. "ok" I said

I walked into the huge house. " oh Zayn you made it!!" the one and only Katy Parry said!!! "Yeah we made it this is Jay Clark" Zayn said . She looked at me and smiled ''Hi I'm Katy" she said extending her hand "nice to meet you" I said shaking her hand "ok Jay why don't I take you to meet the boys." Zayn said "sure" I said. We walked for a bit until we found a group of 4 boys talking to each other. "Hey  guys this is Jay  the girl I have been telling you guys about. I examined all of the boys one of them had brown hair and green blue eyes while another had brown curly hair and green eyes another had blond hair and blue eyes and the last one had hair that was kind of buzzed of but I could tell it was brown though and had brown eyes ."hello im harry" said one "im niall said another " "im Liam" another one "and im Jennifer" said the last one "his name is Louis"  zayn whispered in my ear I nodded. I guess it wasn't that bad of a night after all.

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