My life...

I used to be a normal 19 year old girl named Jay Clark...Until the day my mother was killed. My dad became a drunken after that. To this day my life mission has been to figure out how she died and you will never guess who decided to help me. One Direction. I set of course with my mission when I fall in love. Why me? Why now? All good questions yet, I don't have time to answer them


10. Last Sunday Night

Jays POV

"Hey Taylor" I said once Harry had brought me to her. She was apparently talking to some one "Oh hey Jay how is the air up there" she said looking up at me "not so good Harrys hair grease is getting in my mouth" I said making a disgusted face "Oh how rude of me Jay this is my friend Olivia, Olivia this is my new friend Jay.'' she said looking at me then at the girl she was talking to. She had long wavy brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that I was I had instead of ugly blue ones. She was pretty tall almost as tall as me but not yet ." Hello " I said to Jay looking down at her "hi" she said looking up at me " can I put you down now" Harry asked "no Taylor Olivia lets go get drinks, Harry take me to the bar" I  commanded  them "lets go" Taylor said running away. Harry didn't move  "come on"  I said " you know your friend Taylor is pretty hot right?'' he said " yeah now lets go" I said pulling his hair "ow" he cried " lets go " I repeated and he did so. Once we got to the bar I  bent down behind harry wrapping my legs around he's neck and and covering my face  " what are you doing" harry asked " I cant let him see me!" I said with a laugh " Hurry  up I want a beer or two" I said "ok I would like four beers" harry said choking "ok but why do you have a girl on your shoulders?" said the bartender "don't ask question just give us the beers" Taylor said "yeah so just do 'ya job" Olivia added "yeah and hurry up" I said  ''what the" the guy said " can I have my drinks" harry asked still chocking "yeah here you go" the guy said harry I moved my hands as Harry began putting me down "here you go" harry said handing my one beer "thanks, have you ever tried opening a beer on some ones head because I'm about to" I said placing my beer on harrys head him being about 2 inches taller than me "no because I wont work so don't" he said "what I cant hear you down here" I said  trying to test  my theory witch didn't work " can you open this please" I asked harry "yeah" he said popping the cap off . took a sip of it before it was knocked out of my hand "what are you doing" I looked down to see Zayn "hey Zayn I... I was just-" "just drinking" he interrupted me he was furious. I turned away from Garry so I was standing in front of him  " sorry" I said to him "come with me" Zayn said "ok, see you guys later" I said to Harry, Olivia and Taylor. Zayn took my arm and dragged me into a room where no one was in. there was a bed in there a couch a tv and a night stand "why are we in here?" I asked him "because I wanted to do this" he then picked me up and placed  me on the bed. "Zayn stop I don't know what your planning to do but don't do it" I said "why not" he asked  before he kissed me I couldn't help but kiss back. He put his hands behind my back and pulled me closer to him making me sit up he slowly pulled away out of breath and looked at me and said "wow" hefore he did it again but hungrier

That morning I woke up with a massive head ace .I looked around a unknown room 'what happened last night' I thought then I started to think of Shane Dawnsons song parody  last Sunday night. I laughed at the thought and got out of the bed I looked back down at it to see Zayn Malik. I hurried to the bathroom to clear myself of all of the beer. I walked out of the bathroom and looked down at  my dress oh God I went back in and looked at  myself in the mirror there was two love bites on my neck. 'Oh no' I thought. I was interrupted from my thoughts by Zayns long arms wrapping around my waist and placing his head on my shoulder " morning love" Zayn whispered into my ear. Suddenly  I began to remember. "Zayn I'm sorry about last night it was a mistake" I said "mistake?" he asked "yes" I replied and walked out of the bathroom. I looked around of the room and looked through my contacts until I found the name 'Olivia' I must have got her number last night I called it and said" hey Olivia it Jay could you pick me up from this party" "yeah be there in five minutes"

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