My life...

I used to be a normal 19 year old girl named Jay Clark...Until the day my mother was killed. My dad became a drunken after that. To this day my life mission has been to figure out how she died and you will never guess who decided to help me. One Direction. I set of course with my mission when I fall in love. Why me? Why now? All good questions yet, I don't have time to answer them


1. how we meet

Jays POV

I slipped into my cloths effortlessly and looked into the mirror. How did I change this much, I used to be much brighter now  I'm pale,to pale. I have to figure out what happened to my mother....Quick. I walked out of my room and went down the stairs. I looked down at the couch to see my dad on the couch passed out. " Bye daddy love ya but I'm  going out" I said . He opened his eyes and smiled at me " Have fun sweetie'' he said. I walked out of the house and looked at my phone to see 14 missed calls and 23 unread messages. All from the same person. Skype Walker my best friend well used to be. I needed to fix this. I shoved my phone into my pocket and ran to her house.

Zayns POV

I was walking in a beanie and black shades  hoping no one would see me. I just broke up with Perrie .I was just walking when some one bumped into me I could tell they were in a hurry. "Im sorry I wasn't paying attention I really am sorry." I heard a sweet yet hurt voice say I looked into the persons eyes they were such a bright color of blue it was like an ocean full of bright blue waters. I snapped out of it and said " Um...its ok...." "On its Clark, Jay Clark." she said  "Well nice to meet you Jay, Im Malik, Zayn Malik." I said mocking her. She smiled showing her beautiful white teeth." Well I gotta go" she said ''Wait I didn't get your number."  she looked at me kind of confused "how do I know your not a crazy ax murderer" she apparently didn't  know who I was " Im not I promise'' she smiled and asked for my phone I gave it to her and she put it in under 'Jay' she smiled and gave it back before running off again

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