My Everything

Hayley never got or gets what she wants...she's not the Elena Gilbert or the Bella Swan. She doesn't get the prince in shining armour, even when she goes out of her way to get him. Until she moves school, where she meets a boy who is a supposedly famous popstar and has to finish his last year of school.


3. Soooooo...

Hayley's P.O.V:

Dylan and Ellen parted ways with us, leaving Harry and I to sit in awkward silence. I get up and brush down my jeans even though I haven’t eaten anything to get crumbs on myself; I sigh and turn to Harry while picking up my backpack.

“I would really love to stay and enjoy lunch with you Harry but I gotta get my books and stuff sooooo…” I drag out ‘so’ as I turn and walk away but sadly, he follows. “But hey! Our lockers are right beside each other and I don’t know my way round so yeah…” I roll my eyes and turn to him before nodding and putting on my best fake smile, “Right.”

I quickly speed-walk out of the school, trying to avoid anyone at all costs. Today hasn’t been the best day ever, it has been actually awful. First, science turned out terrible with me being paired with this horrible guy who wouldn’t listen to the teacher and mixed all the wrong things in our chemistry course. Then, in home economics, this weird Stacy girl spilled eggs and flour all in my hair and all over my clothes, resulting in the teacher commenting that I should wear and I quote, ‘less revealing clothes.’ People were sniggering and everything and to make it all worse, this Stacy girl was so thick she didn’t even apologise and the teacher didn’t even help me clean up, I’m lucky she let me to the bathrooms to clean off!

Loads of other things went wrong as well but I can’t even be bothered to think about them, it’s better to just forget. I begin to walk home until I hear someone shouting, “Hayley! Hayley wait up!” I roll my eyes and turn around, “What?!” I snap, not even looking to see whose coming. I see Harry pause and frown before jogging over and smiling, I probably should have checked before snapping at him, he is a pop star after all. I put my best fake smile on for about the hundredth time today, he smirks and scratches the back of his head awkwardly, and I press my lips together.

“Yes?” He nods and thinks for a minute before his face stretches into a thoughtful look, “Oh yes!” His smile stretches into a grin as he tilts his head back and shoves his hands into his pockets, “Wanna lift?”

I laugh awkwardly and shake my head, my smile actually real this time. “Oh no I’m fine thanks.” I smile once more in spite of myself before turning round and making my way out the school gates. I hear footsteps running behind me and I feel someone grabbing my shoulder, spinning me around to face them. I chuckle and roll my eyes, laughing loudly. “Harry! I don’t want a lift! Thanks.” I don’t hide my horror as I realise it isn’t Harry; it’s the school’s bitch, Jessica. Her thin wispy air straightened so flat I swear its paper thin, her eyes framed by so much eye-makeup I can't even tell what colour eyes she has. I roll my eyes and attempt to shrug her sharp-nailed hand off my shoulder; her long sharp nails are digging into my shoulder. She smirks smugly and tilts her head to the side, her face obviously plastered in makeup, her outfit slutty as per usual. I try to turn but she digs her nails further into my shoulder.

“Back off Harry bitch, he’s mine.” She hisses into my face, I snort and flip my hair dramatically. Something I learned from TV, “Haha yeah, so if I ask him tomorrow will he say the same thing?” I put a questioning look on my face, she raises a delicate eyebrow.

“You wouldn’t!” She hisses into my face, I raise both my eyebrows hysterically and laugh cruelly, putting a hand on my hip and shifting my weight onto one foot. “Oh yes, yes I would.” She removes her hands and gives me a dirty look before walking off in front of me, pushing me so I stagger off the footpath, leaving way too much room for her to walk on. I stand smirking at the school as more and more students file out the main door, I’m about to turn around when I spot Harry standing a few metres away frowning. He begins to walk over but I turn sharply and walk off, attempting any awkward conversations with him, he’s obviously going to ask why I am talking to Jessica like that. I walk home, lost in thoughts about today. Everything messed up, especially me.

The next morning I wake to my alarm, I smash it off and climb sluggishly out of bed. I brush my teeth and fix my hair before walking back into my room and grabbing an outfit, based on my home ec teacher’s comments I do in fact, wear less revealing clothes. I pull on an indigo/ purple sleeveless peplum blouse with blue distressed ripped knee skinny jeans and baby blue (or mint) coloured platform ankle boots. I throw yesterday’s books into a patent black leather satchel bag and put on a turquoise waterfall necklace and slip a flower ring onto my left index finger. I put smoky eye makeup on and white sparkly above it; I make my eyelashes much longer with black mascara and apply black eyeliner above and under my eyelids.

I smile in the mirror, satisfied with my makeup.

I hop down the stairs two at a time before jumping into the kitchen, scaring my mother half to death. I grab a cup of coffee and pour it into a flask, Mum opens her mouth but I interrupt her. “Bye Mum, I’m off to school!” I rush out the front door before she can speak another word, you see my Mum and I have that relationship. The only time I ever get to see her is in the morning cus’ she’s always at work, even when I get home and it’s really late when she gets back. I walk a couple of paces before I hear a car driving right behind me, I ignore it and continue walking until I realise it hasn’t passed by yet, I sigh and look over my shoulder, disguising it as if I’m looking around. I spot that it’s quite a fancy car, expensive obviously. I keep walking until it’s pulled up right beside me, I sigh and look directly at it, there’s a chauffeur driving it so it’s someone important. I ignore it and continue walking but stop again when it drives alongside me; the window scrolls down to reveal a head of curls. It pops out.

“Hey love, want a lift?” Harry smiles, I lean my arms on the door and look in to see four other guys lounging in the limo, I smirk and roll my eyes before opening the door and hopping in, “Whatever.”

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