My Everything

Hayley never got or gets what she wants...she's not the Elena Gilbert or the Bella Swan. She doesn't get the prince in shining armour, even when she goes out of her way to get him. Until she moves school, where she meets a boy who is a supposedly famous popstar and has to finish his last year of school.


4. Lift to School.

I sat in my seat quietly, facing four curious boys who couldn’t keep their eyes off me; they kept staring at me in wonder for the whole ride to school. There was one with blond hair and deep blue eyes; he kept nibbling his nails like he hasn’t been fed in days. The one beside him with the honey coloured eyes and a quiff with a blond streak, he licked his lips while watching me, his eyes flickering between Harry who’s sitting beside me and my face. The one beside him had teal blue coloured eyes just like Ellen’s and soft-looking brown hair, he keeps bursting into giggles and leaning over the quiff guy to whisper to the blondie who bursts out laughing every few minutes. The one beside him has chocolate brown eyes and seems to look nervous, rubbing his hands together and glancing at everyone in anticipation. Harry is looking at him, sending him warning signs with his eyes from beside me.

I shift around in my seat uncomfortably, I’d much rather walk miles in these high shoes than sit in this awkward situation for a matter of a few minutes. Harry clears his throat and smiles reassuringly at me before looking at each and every boy.

“So guys, this is Hayley my friend from school. Hayley, this is Niall…” His hand stretches out to point at the blond one who can’t stop laughing; he nods shyly and laughs in the funny boy’s direction. “Zayn…” Harry gestures to the honey eyed boy beside Niall, Zayn smiles and offers me his hand; I shake it firmly and pull away. “Louis…” I badly want to glare at Louis for giggling at me but I ignore it, I have to be nice to Harry’s band mates. Louis laughs and extends his hand, shaking mine and replying loudly.

“Ello love! I’m Louis.” His English accent is clear as a bell; I smirk and turn to Harry. I nod for him to continue. “And Liam!” The brown eyed boy at the end glances up at the mention of his name; he smiles kindly and looks down in concentration. He must be the most responsible because he certainly looks it.

Eventually we pull up at the school, Harry hops out before I can and extends his hand to help me out. I look down and mutter a ‘thanks’, trying to hide my blushing face. I hear all the boys in the limo shouting things like, “Aww!” and “Kiss her already you fool!”

Harry chuckles and shakes his head at the boy’s ridiculousness, he waves at all the boys before slamming the door in their faces, never letting go of my hand. My hand tingles as he remains his firm grip on it, everyone is now quiet and watching the whole parade that the boys set out. I feel a hundred pairs of eyes on me as Harry and I walk into school and to our lockers, even Ellen and Dylan watch from Ellen’s locker. Harry and I have no choice but to separate when we open our lockers, we pull out our books as everyone starts talking to their friends again, no prize for who can guess what they’re gossiping about now.

Harry and I have a private whisper conversation, blocked by the doors of our lockers. “Why is it so quiet?” I ask him, curious as to why I’m now the centre of attention, I never have been. “Isn’t it obvious? You got out of my car; I walked in hand in hand with you!” He replies, looking at everyone at the corner of his eye, I roll my eyes and nod, “You’re right.” We finish getting out books and both turn round at the same time, just when Ellen and Dylan breeze over.

Ellen has plain white skinny jeans on matched with a beige polka dot V neck crop top. She has hot pink shiny high heels on and no socks, with a big orange leather tote for her books.

I smile and do a little wave, Harry moving in behind me like a guard. Ellen tilts her head sideways, her lips that are covered in pink lipstick to match her shoes are pouting confusedly. Dylan grins and waves before returning his hand to where it was resting on Ellen’s shoulder.

“So…you two?” Ellen finally manages to speak, gesturing with her hands between us. I look up at Harry as he is a good bit taller than me; he shrugs and looks down at me smiling. I return a smile and turn back to Ellen, shrugging as well. She sighs heavily and wrests both of her hands on her hips like the drama queen she is, “Well whatever, but what’s with the whole scene you two played out there?”

She quirks a delicate eyebrow, reminding me of my conversation with Jessica yesterday. I shiver, Harry looks at me confused before turning back to Ellen, clearly he has no clue what we just did. I guess he’s used to people watching him the whole time so he just ignores it. “What scene?” He asked, his voice confused and his features are too.

 Ellen looks up at Harry dumbstruck before laughing and shaking her head, beckoning behind her at all the students. “Eh your little strut from your damn fancy car into the school, and then the boys shouting for you to kiss her! Damn girl you got it good!” She offers me her fist to nudge but I leave her hanging, shaking my head and looking around. How could Harry ignore all of that? I shake my head and laugh before turning to our little circle, “Eh instead of standing here and gossiping like those useless bimbos over there…” I point over to where there’s a group of popular, bitchy girls refreshing their makeup and complaining, “Can we get to class?” Everyone agrees and we head out to class.

After a miserable day of people calling me a slut, whore or some other creative names, I finally look forward to one class of the day. It’s Tuesday, that means I have English last class with Harry, and Ellen. Oh great, being the friend she is she will probably try to stop me from being with Harry due to all the strenuous attention we’re getting. I walk to my English class, bumping into Harry on the way. We walk together, both of us ignoring all the stares and people whispering loudly about us. I push open the class door before Harry can hold it for me, he follows me in. Ellen is sitting near the back right next to the wall; she spots us and folds her arms, tilting her head back.

I sigh in defeat and walk down the class, pulling out the chair beside her and taking a seat. I know well if I ignore her and just sit with Harry, there will be war. Harry follows me down and takes the only seat left in the row, next to me. He ignores the obvious heated tension and waves happily over at Ellen, very friendly. If only she could be that nice in return, she sends a sarcastic wave and smile back over but I lean forward over my table so I’m blocking Harry’s view of her.

The whole class goes horribly wrong, totally different to my expectations. Harry and Ellen both try to steal my attention during class, resulting in me having to manage two conversations at the same time. Let me tell you, it was pretty complicated. Eventually, Harry stops talking and looks over my head to Ellen, whose mouth is going ninety miles an hour. Harry frowns and raises and eyebrow at me, I send a shrug in his direction, Ellen stops talking. I turn back to her to find out what stopped her, she glares at me angrily.

“Are you even listening?!” She demands angrily, boring holes with her gaze. I nod quickly and smile at her apologetically; she shakes her head and glares at Harry who looks over my shoulder. “You shouldn’t be talking to him, just cus’ he’s famous he thinks he’s better than all of us and even if you guys do go out, he will hurt you. He will leave you broken hearted the minute the school year is out and won’t look back, just think about that when you two get real close. And think about your friend who stood by you the whole time.” As if she cued it, the bell rang, signalling the end of class. Ellen quickly jumps out of her seat and passes by, giving us a cool breeze as she storms out of class. Harry and I share a look of confusion before Harry clears his throat and stands up before leaving, grabbing my hand and walking me out of class and guiding me through the crowd of teenagers who badly want to get home. Well, except for the nerds but they’re easy to push out of the way.

I follow Harry outside and he leads me back to the fancy car that brought us to school, he swings open the door and holds it for me. I quickly jump in without a word and he hops in after me. The car immediately drives off, the school getting smaller and smaller until it becomes a tiny dot on the horizon. When I finally turn back in my seat to face the front, I stop. I turn to Harry and worriedly hit him on the arm.

“Harry! My house is the other way!” He rolls his eyes and turns his head to look at me, “I know sweetheart, we’re not going to your house.” I nod quietly and close my mouth, slouching in my seat feeling stupid.

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