My Everything

Hayley never got or gets what she wants...she's not the Elena Gilbert or the Bella Swan. She doesn't get the prince in shining armour, even when she goes out of her way to get him. Until she moves school, where she meets a boy who is a supposedly famous popstar and has to finish his last year of school.


1. Beginning.

Harry didn’t understand why Management were putting him through another year of school, re-scheduling One Direction’s tour so he could finish his last year of high school. They aren’t making Niall, Louis, Zayn or Liam so why should Harry be any different? He may be the youngest but he can’t seem to understand exactly why? One Direction has been going for three years so why are they doing this to him now? It seems unimaginable to Harry, the sensational heart-throb of teenage girls worldwide. Harry Styles, the cute smiling boy who was put in a band on the XFactor, was now being forced to go back to school and finish his last year. Crazy, right? And to make it even crazier, they’re putting him in an American high school, totally different to the English schools he’s used to back home.

Harry was woken by a screaming Louis and shouting Paul; he pulled the pillow over his head to block out the noise surrounding him. He felt someone’s arms grab his arms and yank him out of bed; Harry’s head hit the cold panelled floor with a thud. He moaned and tried to sit up in his sleep-deprived state, failing horribly and ending up in a pile on the ground. Paul and the remainder of the band One Direction eventually wake Harry up for his first day of school, sending him for a shower and breakfast before sending him off. They all cross their fingers Harry doesn’t cause any trouble even though they all know in their hearts he will.

Hayley lugs her sorry ass out of her queen sized bed and drags her feet to the bathroom down the hall from her bedroom. She brushes her teeth and washes her smooth skin before stumbling back to her room. Hayley Parker was a simple girl, not quiet but not loud. Not skinny but not fat, she was always in between things. She stands in front of her mahogany wardrobe and places her hands on her hips; she sighs heavily and picks out a basic outfit for the sunny weather. She pulls on distressed denim shorts and a red plaid shirt with a black tank top underneath. She pulls on her favourite pair of navy Vans and grabs her backpack before skipping down the stairs and begins her daily attempts of avoiding her parents.

Harry Styles walks down the corridors of his new school-to-be, there’s more than a hundred excuses he can and has come up with to get out of this, but none will work. He drags his feet over to new newly assigned locker, a mixed crowd of Directioners and Directionaters following him. He enters his code roughly and swings his lockers up with a heavy sigh, a chorus of sighs are heard throughout the crowd as Harry’s muscles flex under his shirt. He shoves books into his locker and keeps the ones he needs, he nearly hits a girl as he swings his locker shut with a ‘bang’. He looks up and apologises quickly before walking off, the girl sighed heavily and nearly fainted from the attention. Harry is halfway through the crowd of girls when he hears a loud chirpy voice shouting, presumably to the crowd.

“Hey, get out of the way! I’m trying to get to my locker here!”

Harry follows the voice, which leads him exactly back to his own locker. The voice matches a girl who is opening the locker right beside his, just a roughly as he was. Just from watching her back Harry can tell she’s pretty, she has a simple outfit on unlike many other girls. From what he has seen, pretty much all the girls here wear short skirts and low tops, completed with high heels, and when he says that he means high. He stands beside his locker and opens it again, pretending to have forgotten something; he catches her watching him at the corner of her chocolate brown eyes. Harry grins to himself before catching her gaze; her eyes suddenly flicker back to the open locker before her. He smiles and watches her pull her books out before closing her locker, he mimics her actions and leans casually against his locker, purposely blocking her path so she can’t go anywhere. She turns from her locker to nearly walk into his chest; her eyes travel up Harry’s front and meet his eyes brazenly. He smirks and extends his hand to the beautiful girl; she accepts it with a strong hold and shakes his hand.

“The names Styles, Harry Styles.”

Harry watches as the girl gulps loudly and he hears it as the crowd of girls have suddenly stopped talking and calling his name to watch the scene before their very own eyes.


He nods at her, watching the flush of red appear on her cheeks. He watches her back as she walks off down the corridor to her class; he continues to stare at her back until she rounds a corner and is out of sight. He turns back to the girls and speaks loud and clear for him to hear,

“Sorry ladies but I’m off to class.”

With that he leaves the group of girls deserted at his locker and makes up his mind on his way to Geography, I’m gonna get that girl one way or another.

Hayley turned the corner quickly and ran into one of her close friends, well not close but one of her friends, Ellen. Ellen stumbled back a few paces before practically jumping into Hayley’s arms. Hayley accepts the hug and quickly takes off away from the cheery girl, muttering about being later for class. Her cheery friend accepts the excuse and lets her off, with the warning of juicy gossip at the lunch-table. She quickly walks down the corridor to her first period class, carefully avoiding all the popular girls and stereo-type jocks who are flexing their muscles in the direction of the populars. She eventually makes it to her class, with three minutes to spare, her hand catches the brass door knob firmly and she twists, pushing open the wooden door in the process. Nearly everyone is already in, casually swinging in their chairs or sitting on their desks. Hayley carefully steps over the schoolbags laden across the floor and makes it to her seat, thankfully in one piece. She sighs heavily and lets her legs give way to drop herself into her seat. She closes her eyes and attempts to block out the noise and shouting coming from the other students. She hears the chair beside her being scraped back and someone’s weight putting pressure on the plastic. She rubs her temples as her eyes remain closed, they fly open the minute she hears a masculine voice speak to her,

“You feeling okay?”

She’s sure it’s his voice but is it? She never imagined she’d ever meet this boy, he’s world astounded in thirty seven countries. Of all the schools in America, England and the other thirty five countries, he came to hers. She felt almost honoured to be in his presence, never mind him speaking to her. He actually stood there and waited until she was finished with her locker to speak, he could have had any one of the girls in that crowd and he spoke to me. I slowly open my eyes and turn my head, peeking over my shoulder to see that it’s him, Harry Styles who’s occupying the seat next to me. I nod quietly and refocus my attention to the front of the class where the teacher has begun to call the roll. His pen scratches along the paper as he marks out who’s present and not,

“Harry Styles.”

The teacher’s booming voice calls out in the full classroom, many students twist in their seats to get a glimpse of him as his English accent clearly states that he’s present. The guys in the class give him a look over before turning back around in their seats but the girls remain twisted in their seats to watch Harry’s every move.

“Hayley Parker.”

Hayley is grateful for her voice being even as she states that she too, is also present. Harry’s face doesn’t hide the shock as he watches her for the rest of the class, a thoughtful look plastered across his face. He isn’t bothered the slightest that she know he’s looking at her, and nor does he care.

Hayley Parker, such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Harry watched Hayley for the whole class, thinking which way was the best to make her his. He never felt like this before, never craved someone so much that it hurt, whenever her eyes met his it was like an arrow to the heart. He just couldn’t stop looking at her as if she was a work of art, and indeed she is, to him anyways. It didn’t seem that way to all the other guys, they acted as if she wasn't even there. He really wanted to stand up and ask them what their problem is, why they don’t see how beautiful she is.

Once the bell rings, Hayley immediately stands up and quickly exits the classroom, her hair flying behind her as she leaves. Harry stands up and dives through the crowd, following the girl to the lunchroom, one thing was sure in his mind, he is getting that Hayley girl, one way or another. 

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