Hearts of Gold

Adriana lives her life day by day, enjoying every moment and making the best of it. That's until she is thrown into a bundle of chaos as she finds out her "true nature". Being a heir to a throne of a lost and abandoned kingdom, one of four powerful kingdoms known in the other universe, isn't as easy as it should be since Adriana was concealed from her nature. Finding out that that guy she fell for is one of them too shocks her to the core as she is confronted by an abrupt battle that she needs to lead and much more that throws Adri's world off its anchors and turns it upside down.


5. Imp. A.N


Hey guys,

Okay, I know I haven't been on for a terribly long time...really...long...time...and I'm so sorry for that. However, I think I have the good excuse. Excuses, actually.


I've been struggling with writers block...though it seems more like writers cement... that dawned on me out of the blue. This, along with family troubles, school coming up, getting sick from time to time and a couple of more issues... don't want to get into details of my very boring, non-significant life which will probably kill you slowly and painfully...

Although I'm trying to keep up with my writing, develop it and hustle it to a higher new level of skills and profession to produce the best of interesting and persuasive texts for you to enjoy which will eventually lead to a full session of editing for the previous chapters. And this, my fellas, is making me nervous and smothering me. 


In short, all I'm asking for you guys is to keep up with me and be patient. I really need it. That's all. Just be patient with me; it's going to take a while to get back on track and set things straight.


And that's the end of my babbling about. So...

Have a nice day xx.



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