Hearts of Gold

Adriana lives her life day by day, enjoying every moment and making the best of it. That's until she is thrown into a bundle of chaos as she finds out her "true nature". Being a heir to a throne of a lost and abandoned kingdom, one of four powerful kingdoms known in the other universe, isn't as easy as it should be since Adriana was concealed from her nature. Finding out that that guy she fell for is one of them too shocks her to the core as she is confronted by an abrupt battle that she needs to lead and much more that throws Adri's world off its anchors and turns it upside down.


2. Chapter Two

Taking a sip from my warm morning coffee sitting on the porch steps drinking in the view of the rising morning sun and the slight breeze ruffling my hair smoothly. My train of thoughts changing paths as thoughts of last night's nightmare hops on for another round. 

No. I wouldn't think of this now. Just enjoy the view and the morning wind.

Just enjoy the moment, Adriana. Just enjoy it. I chant this mantra in my head for the millionth time since I made my drastic awakening with a deafening scream. No, I wont think about it. Not at the moment.

Gulping down the rest of the coffee, I make my way back to my room, placing my mug carefully in the sink on the way. Time to get ready for school.
I hop into the shower and let the warm water cascade down my body erasing the traces of my worries and calming down my jolting nerves, refreshing my mood and composure. Just what I needed. I take my time as it's still early for school.
Done with my lovely shower, I grab whatever my hands would take hold of from my walk-in closet and begin fitting myself in a lovely beige cashmere sweater with a pair of tight black jeans and matching converse flats.
I stride back down the brown wooden stairs, take a hold of my school bag and dash out of the house to my black SUV - a gift I received from my dad on my seventeenth birthday just a  few months ago.
The keys, Adriana. The keys!
I spurt back into the house frustrated and make a go for my car keys sitting silently on the kitchen's counter.

I relax as I drive through the familiar streets of Greenwood, a small tiny town named after its great lands of greenery and forests, unknown for most people and a home for a few citizens - and apparently I had to be one of those citizens. It was a devastating decision that my parents made when I was barely a girl of nine but as I grew I came to like the calm and the quiet around here. Greenwood was anything but the crowded city noise and the restless days and night parties that rang through the furthest neighbourhoods. It was a child devoted to solving his puzzle piece, calm and so into the task but at the same time full of life and joy. 
I thought my parents were trying to run away from a hidden secret by coming here. "I just needed a serene atmosphere to manage my works Adri," my dad told me," If you don't like it here, we'd immediately go back to the city. Just give it a shot little girl."
Indeed, I did. 

Making my way through a sharp corner a few streets away from school, I let my thoughts drift to last night, giving myself a release. It's a torture yet I can't help but think it through over and over again. Uncountable nightmares presenting my end in different ways and the only thing in common: a horrible creature. Its sharp red eyes burning through my flesh; its sharp-pointed teeth eager to cut through my spotless skin ripping it into shreds. A black ball of fur that drives me insane and brings me the creeps.
"A black ball of fur that I would gladly shred apart if I just had the chance," I say, my voice strained as I concentrate in parking the SUV in one if the parking-lots outside Greenwood High.

I barely made it through to the main building when I hear squeaky giggles behind me. 
"Guess what day is it?" I turned around.
Vanessa Marin stood in front of me with a wild grin slightly jumping up and down. I always knew that she was possessed by the spirit of a five year old girl. 

A smile automatically prints itself on my plush lips and a soft giggle broke out. "Let me check...mm...it can't be social night today, is it?" I surrender, having no idea of what goes on through the mind of my best friend.

"No you dork! It's one day right before Sean's party," she states, emphasizing on party.

"I thought it was...ugh." I start on my last steps walking back to the building.

"Here we go again. Lemme guess, another nightmare that sent you to Mars and came back brain-washed Adriana," Vanessa said picking up with my large strokes towards class.

"Pluto this time," I replied. "So, I guess you're ready."

"You kidding? I would prefer to party now rather than wait another night. I'm so excited you don't even know and I have a great feeling about it..." Vanessa kept talking and talking about her crush - Sean Akkad - without a word making it to my ears as my brain stops registering anything, totally baffled by the tall muscular figure leaning on the walls of the double glass doors. I take a quick up and down glance catching the motorcycle boots, black jeans, tight white shirt and leather jacket and finally making it to those beautiful eyes of Ivan Parker. His deep blue eyes meeting mine and I soon enter a trance of fluttering butterflies in my stomach, thundering heart beats along with a slam of amnesia and a dysfunction in my sensory system. Oh, the feels.

All too soon the magic of my feels shatters as a jolt of terror rushes through me at the deafening outburst of the school's bell. Really? Really?! I mentally curse as I lazily make my way through the crowds.
Damn you bell. 

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