Hearts of Gold

Adriana lives her life day by day, enjoying every moment and making the best of it. That's until she is thrown into a bundle of chaos as she finds out her "true nature". Being a heir to a throne of a lost and abandoned kingdom, one of four powerful kingdoms known in the other universe, isn't as easy as it should be since Adriana was concealed from her nature. Finding out that that guy she fell for is one of them too shocks her to the core as she is confronted by an abrupt battle that she needs to lead and much more that throws Adri's world off its anchors and turns it upside down.


3. Chapter Three

I kept taking quick glances every now and then at Ivan, sitting two rows ahead, while Mr.Normington kept babbling about the usual biological and inherited diseases that, by the looks of the concentration rate in the class, wasn't appealing nor as interesting as the surrounding white walls.
Five more minutes for this torturous period to end, just five more. With a ninja's silent and cautious moves, I took my phone out just in time to feel it vibrating indicating the arrival of a new text from Vanessa. 
Taking the priorities I need, I made sure the old man standing in front scribbling unidentifiable words wouldn't be turning anytime soon and averted my gaze to my friend two rows behind and far on my right. A quite laugh escaped my lips as Vanessa was busy scribbling wildly into a piece of paper; satisfied with her written words, she passes the note to Sean whose expression changes from I'm-dead-bored-please-kill-me to a sly and wild grin as his glinting eyes swarm the note in delight.

Love birds.

Remembering my previous intentions, I opened Vanessa's text - my smile fading as I read:

Talk to him rather than just staring at his back in classes. Make a move gurl! Make me proud!
Yeah it's so obvious that you keep staring at him like a creepy owl ready to hunt its prey, though I wonder when exactly are you going to hunt him down ;)
Did I ever tell you how sweet Sean is...That guy got me heads over heels. *Sigh*

Well...Not sure if I've got the right to be irritated by the teasing but she definitely stole my thoughts. I finally got my stuff together and was going to talk to him right after the bell rings according to plans. If I had the guts in the first place, damn it.

But my staring couldn't be that obvious, could it? Half of the class is snoring for crying out loud, and the other half...who am I kidding, the whole class is in deep sleep and probably dreaming of unicorn pets too. 

The last thing you want is the whole town talking about it, my conscience chimed. Sadly, yes that would be the end of me. It would be the ultimate new gossip and heck it might even make it to the first page in the newspapers, and with no doubt he'd know about my helpless crush on him and again I repeat: that would be the end of me. I've heard about broken hearts and disappointments, the crying yourself to sleep and the rise in the prices of tissue boxes isn't encouraging. Nope, I'm definitely not ready for a rejection, thank you so much.

We were free as soon as the bell rang and I hurried up in packing ready to make my move and...What?!
Where did he disappear?
I scan the class with my cold gaze just in time to catch Ivan making his escape out of this prison cell.


I narrowed my eyes as I realized that, for the bazillionth time, I've missed my chance. I slumped down on my uncomfortable chair dramatically, why is it so hard to just go talk to him? Why?!

Vanessa came to stand in front of me, sympathy oozing from her wide green eyes. 
"Don't. Even. Start," I warned softly as I made my way through the maze of desks and into the stretched empty hallway.
"I wasn't planning on anything anyway," she says innocently.
Not on me missy.

We reached our lockers, got our books in silence and shot out of the building just to stagger back a few steps while white spots clear from my view as the sun cast its golden beams around, Spring's warm winds playing with my black, waist-length, straight hair.

"We're gonna catch them while they're making their way to the field, the usual of course and you'd get another chance."

"You think so?"

"Yeah, just get your stuff together and go for it this time. It's been four years, Adri, and you still haven't got anything together. It can't be that hard!"

"Like you know, huh?"

"Excuse me?" Again what's with the smug tone? "You definitely aren't the one who's hanging out with him from time to time, texting all day long and definitely not the one receiving sweet good morning texts. That much I could tell."

"Shut up."

"Thought so. Well, here they are." 
"Ever heard about smiling? Smile!" she nudges me with her elbow.

On demand, I put on my sweetest, carefree smile as I take awareness of Ivan's piercing blue eyes on me; him and Sean half-walking half-jogging towards us. Or that's what I thought until Ivan broke away and started making his way to the green field where boys stood with their black shorts and white shirts dribbling and passing the soccer ball.

So much of luck I've got there, ha. My heart sank.

Sean welcomed Vanessa in his arms giving her a long tight hug while I stood there with nothing to do except watch...Seriously people?...and greeted me with a wink. At least I've received something.

"Ladies," his deep voice rang and soon Vanessa started swooning and squeaking like a rat while I kept following Ivan's moves, never taking my gaze off.

"He can be an idiot sometimes, I know," he started, his words laced with tenderness. I nod.

"You two coming tomorrow night?" he asks.

"Absolutely..." Vanessa replies, their conversation going to the note-passing-in-science jokes and I'm all just here being the third-wheel. 

"Well, I gotta go," I interrupt.

They both look at me apologetically and we give our goodbyes, Vanessa swooping me in a hug, "You're okay buddy?"

"Yeah." I take one last glance at Ivan and make a go for my car, tumbling down on the leather cushions in defeat. My heart raced as I thought I caught a familiar pair of red-blood eyes behind a thick brier of greenery.

"Just my imagination."

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