Hearts of Gold

Adriana lives her life day by day, enjoying every moment and making the best of it. That's until she is thrown into a bundle of chaos as she finds out her "true nature". Being a heir to a throne of a lost and abandoned kingdom, one of four powerful kingdoms known in the other universe, isn't as easy as it should be since Adriana was concealed from her nature. Finding out that that guy she fell for is one of them too shocks her to the core as she is confronted by an abrupt battle that she needs to lead and much more that throws Adri's world off its anchors and turns it upside down.


1. Chapter One

Goosebumps rose on my fair skin as I snuggled further into my bed sheets hiding from the cold breeze that crept through my room window. Coldness kept tugging at me pulling me slowly and painfully from my dreamless and peaceful sleep. Ignoring the decreasing temperature I drowned into the sheets covering my slick figure completely. 
I wasn't sure how many minutes passed but I was at a dangerous edge. We were in August for god's sake, something felt wrong. 
August was all about summer's last suffocating blows hitting the weather stream and it was nothing like a girl's hit. People would be sweating like never before and the atmosphere thick in stench and the foul smell of sweat all day and night; for a more precise description, Niagra Falls broke lose in August whether at the specks of dawn or late at night, it wasn't different.
I was shivering and shaking uncontrollably under my thick cotton under cover and linen sheets protecting me from the cold that, without warnings, struck hard tonight. Giving up, I threw the sheets in a heap, angry for waking up at three in the morning knowing that it would be an endless battle trying to get back to sleep. I rubbed my eyes groggily wiping away the final traces of sleep, kissing it goodbye. 
My eyes took time to adjust to the darkness, the familiar outlines of my room finally coming to view as I hesitantly took a step towards my open window. I was sure I closed it right before going to sleep, I was certain. Taking a last glance outside was a mistake, the street lights were off and streets were empty giving an eerie feeling that I didn't like. Something was terribly wrong.
Shutting the window doors, I made my way to the bathroom getting ready for my early morning.
Great. Just Great!
The tab wasn't giving any water either, not a single droplet of water. The electricity was off, no running water, and a terrible weather. Surely one of my worst nightmares.
"Dad," I called.
"Dad, you home?"
Great, I'm home alone too - add it to the list. 
I shrieked  in surprise as I heard the front door slam and creek. Step by  step I made my way slowly and cautiously down the stairs grabbing an umbrella along. The hard and solid material in my hand gave me the illusion of safety and protection. My heart rate increased beating furiously, giving the chance of it breaking out of my rip cage a thumps up. Sweat beads formed on my forehead as my conscious grew restless, shouting at me to run as I neared the open front door of my ever peaceful house. 
Stepping outside the house holding the umbrella firmly as if my life depended on it. There was nothing outside. What was the fuss all about? The streets were still and harmless, despite the uneasy feeling they gave off, everyone else was asleep, just a typical night in Greenwood - despite the weather.
Still I didn't feel safe, my conscious growing even more restless and irritatingly annoying.
There was nothing to run from.
It was still and empty, nothing to run from.
Looking around once more, I lowered my weapon as no signs of danger stood out and entered the two-story house ready to close the door. A low and deep growl erupted the silent night, coming right from behind. My heart beat accelerated; we didn't own a dog. Slowly, I turned around and came to face red ruby eyes and a perfect set of razor-sharp teeth, long claws scrapping on the wood floor resulting in screechings and creeks as the bulky huge creature took a step forward, with just a few inches between us . My eyes widened and breath caught in my chest as fear raced through my veins. My brain froze, searching for a logical reason to the current event in hand. I was still and silent, like a tiger hunting. I was still and silent, like an owl watching its prey in the darkness of a long winter night. I am still and silent.
This was no dog, my characteristics of a dog didn't fit anywhere regardless to the size of the creature - who, if ten times smaller would go somewhere near the classifications of a dog. Its red eyes bore deep in mine seeing through to my soul. I felt exposed and weak. I broke the awkward eye contact to take a look at its tremendous figure. It's fur black and shiny as the night skies enlightened by the moon behind curtains of cloud making it even harder to see its small features. Its face came in line with mine, covering the whole six feet. It was huge. 
Nope, not a dog.
It took its time to observe me slowly whilst sniffing the air around it in  the process and almost automatically I was about to take a sniff off my strapless tank-top making sure I wasn't anywhere near to smelly, but I held back. This wasn't time to start sniffing around.
Another rumbling growl came about from the creature's chest raising the hairs on my neck. This didn't look good, apparently my smell didn't satisfy him. Anger flashed through the creature's eyes as it took another step with another deafening growl opening its wide mouth ready to attack. Out of instinct I took a step back, my screams echoing off the walls as I trembled and fell.
I never remembered the porch steps were that high above ground. I was still making my way down through my fall, my eyes shut tight, waiting for the final blow. 
Nothing. No pain. No growls. 
Nothing. Just my screams echoing off nothingness as I fell deep deep down...
...into darkness.

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