Hearts of Gold

Adriana lives her life day by day, enjoying every moment and making the best of it. That's until she is thrown into a bundle of chaos as she finds out her "true nature". Being a heir to a throne of a lost and abandoned kingdom, one of four powerful kingdoms known in the other universe, isn't as easy as it should be since Adriana was concealed from her nature. Finding out that that guy she fell for is one of them too shocks her to the core as she is confronted by an abrupt battle that she needs to lead and much more that throws Adri's world off its anchors and turns it upside down.


4. Chapter Four

I sat in the middle of my walk-in closet irritated, jolting through stacks of designer dresses, searching for the appropriate dress to wear to Sean's party tomorrow night. Though what would be an "appropriate dress", I had no clue. Of course, I ended up with most of my dresses piled on the wooden floor around me, music blasting in the background and with nothing to wear.

That was just a small, tiny part of it. The major hysteria was from a really sensitive subject: Ivan Christopher Parker. 

A senior that happened to share all my classes for four years. Four damned years and still nothing happening. There are the little talks from time to time about mere casual subjects, and pretty much that's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Going back to the last four years I've got no vivid explanation of how I became this urged under his spell, just that I was intrigued from the very first day. No words can explain the thing I've got for Ivan. It's reviving the buried feelings I entombed long ago, and that scares me. To be so weak, so vulnerable, by just a look, a smile, or even the sound of his voice. It's quite alarming, yet so wonderful. Though I couldn't wholly put my finger on it, I know that it got nothing to do with his charming looks. Mainly because I'm not of that type. I wont go throwing all my attention at random guys because they look nice. That would be disastrous.
So no, it's not his captivating eyes or his delicious scent. It's not his dirty blonde sharply cut hair or his spotless smile nor his six two muscular physique. However, I'm absolutely sure that it's there, somewhere.

I clearly remember the first time we met as if it was yesterday. Me sitting in first hour, bored and with nothing to occupy myself with other than texting an ill Vanessa when this new guy comes in taking possession of all female attention without even trying to. Whispers aroused and with a few giggles here and there, you could tell that world war three was about to erupt as girls started calling dibs. Just like any other girl, I was entranced, though I tried to keep that to myself. Mrs.Smith introduced him as Mr.Parker and sweeping the room in one glance, kindly asked him to take the seat next to Ms.Arthur, which happened to be myself. On account, I started liking Mrs.Smith. 

He walked down the isle without a care for the swooning girls or the deadly glares he received from the boys. He didn't know how he affected everyone in this room. A blind man can even tell how he got Mrs.Smith's complete attention too from the way she looks at him. He wouldn't be having a peaceful day. And never mind the way the girls started looking at me, anger shooting from their penetrating gazes. 
He nonchalantly took the seat next to me and started probing through his shoulder bag for a long while.
Taking a whole lot of courage, I turned to face him, "Hi".
And for the first time, he looked at me our eyes locked together. Time ticked by and still we were entranced in this magical moment until he broke away, his attention drifting back to his search, "Hey".
He said something, that's good. Unexpected even.
"I'm Adriana, by the way, Adriana Arthur." I took my hand out for him to shake and indeed he did shake it.

"Ivan; Ivan Parker."

It was an effort to pull my hands away as to not make things anymore awkward but all I wanted to do was be in his arms. I could feel Celine's, the typical popular blonde, fixed stare scorching the back of my neck but it didn't matter to me. 'Cause all that was on my mind right now was one thing, and she wasn't it.

Right then I knew that I was spellbound and ravished by Mr.Parker.

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