Facts you don't know!!!

I will have at least 10 facts on famous people I will do the ones I want to do first but comment who you want me to do next:)


8. Tyler posey

1. He's a singer/songwriter! Tyler sings and plays bass guitar for the band Lost in Kostco.

2. Teen Wolf was thisclose to not being his first werewolf role. Tyler was up for the role of Jacob Black in Twilight.

3. He's multilingual! Tyler had to learn to speak Lakota for his role as Abe Wheeler in the 2005 miniseries Into the West.

4. He knows the philandering Governator. At age 11, Tyler co-starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2002 action film Collateral Damage.

5. He keeps himself busy. Tyler's hobbies include writing music, skateboarding, and signing.

6. He knows how to wow 'em. Tyler landed the role of Ty in Maid in Manhattan after impressing the producers with his impromptu rendition of Simon and Garfunkel's "Me and Julio Down by the School Yard".

7. It's all in the name! Tyler's nickname is Ty, and his middle name is Garcia.

8. His dad is an actor, too! Tyler appeared with this father in two episodes of the PAX TV series Doc.

9. It's one sexy combo! Tyler is of Irish, English, and Mexican heritage.

10. He's more wolf, less Scott. When asked about the similarities between himself and his Teen Wolf character Scott McCall Tyler said, "Scott is very lost and wants to be noticed. He's tired of just being an outcast. I was never really an outcast. I was never really unpopular in high school. But, Scott and I just like to learn and grow. I'm more similar to the wolf than to Scott McCall. I'm not too similar to him, but there's enough there."

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