Facts you don't know!!!

I will have at least 10 facts on famous people I will do the ones I want to do first but comment who you want me to do next:)


9. Robert pattinson

1.  Robert Pattinson was born on the 13th May 1986 in London. 
2.  His fan Website recently asked its fans to stop treating Robert like a "piece of meat" when they see him in public.
3.  His middle name is Thomas.

4.  Up until he was 12, Pattinson's sisters dressed him up as a girl and introduce him as Claudia.
5.  His sisters are Lizzie, a singer/songwriter, and Victoria, who is into politics.
6 .  His Dad wanted him to be an actor.
7.  Twelve was a turning point for Robert - He moved to a mixed school and became "cool" with the discovery of hair gel.

8.  He started acting at age 15 in plays.

9.  He cut his acting teeth with the Barnes Theatre Company in heavy numbers like Shakespeare's Macbeth and Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

10. His first film role was Giselher in Ring of the Nibelungs, quickly followed by the role of Older Rawdy Crawley in Vanity Fair.

11. He aspires to be like Jack Nicholson.
12. He height is 6' 1.

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