When teenager Alice moves house, her parents hold a barbecue with the neighbours. Bored and ignored, Alice explores her new garden, and stumbles across a giant burrow and a talking white rabbit. She falls down the hole to discover a whole new world...

Alice meets the gorgeous teenage Hatter, and embarks on a quest to free him. But, the spoiled brat the Queen of Hearts doesn't want Alice anywhere near her fantasy-future-husband. Caught in a fantastical love triangle and desperate to go back home too, what will Alice do?


1. Extract

**i haven't yet finished drafting the beginning, but as a teaser, here is an extract from my drafts where Alice falls into Wonderland!**

And between the untame shrubs and flowers, I spotted what looked like a gigantic rabbit burrow. I peered down it, and it seemed like it would never end. The blackness coated the hole like a blanket.
I shoved a hand deep into my pocket, and after fumbling around, I found a penny. Worthless, so I could use it. I raised my hand over the hole and dropped the penny, then watched it as it  spiralled downwards, thumping softly as it bounced from wall to wall. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I heard the faintest of clanks, a slight echo, and then eerie silence.
What could be at the bottom of the hole? Something metallic, surely, for the penny to have made that noise. Maybe a time capsule?
I peer further down, leaning right over the strange burrow and trying to make out the bottom. Maybe I could go and ask Dad if I could get a rope or something, and-
I spun around, leaning backward over the hole, and gasped loudly. Right in front of me now, was the little white rabbit. I thought that he had disappeared.
I screeched in shock.
He was wearing a monocle.
"Now surely, dear, there's no need to make such an almighty fuss, stopping me in my tracks when I'm already late-" The rabbit began, but I literally couldn't stay to hear the rest of his speech. The soil on which my hands were rested crumbled, and as my support gave way, I tumbled backward into the strange hole.
"SOMEBODY HELP ME!" I yell desperately as I fall, reaching out a hand toward the circle of light that was slowly getting smaller. Suddenly, a gust of wind from somewhere tipped me forward, and I flipped over and over, while whizzing past layers of soil.
It seemed to go on for an eternity, but after a minute I heard humongous thump against a hard surface.
It took me a while to realise that that was the sound of me hitting a marble floor.
"Ouch..." Was all I could mumble. I tried to sit up but my head was throbbing furiously, my heart thudding against my ribcage like a bongo drum. The ceiling was spinning...

Wait, a ceiling!

I looked straight above me, confused. Directly above my head was a spherical marble ceiling, patterned with... Teacups. And pictures of rabbits.

Had I truly lost it?

Eventually, the pain in my head ceased to a dull thump, and I sat up, gathering my skirt and pulling it down protectively over my legs.
"Hello?" I called out to nobody. My voice bounced off of the intricately designed walls like the penny did down the burrow. "I think I'm lost,"

Understatement, I thought to myself grimly.

I swivelled myself around on my legs to see an ornate looking bedside table. It was carved with intricate swirls and leaves. Only one thing lay on it: a bottle.
I forced myself to my shaking feet and realised that I'd miscalculated the height of this ceiling by a ridiculously large amount. I stood up rigid suddenly, and my head made contact with the top of the dome shaped roof.
Pain blossomed before my eyes, and the room swayed. I grabbed onto te table for support, knocking over the bottle in the process.
"Shoot," I muttered, talking about both my head and the bottle. I bent down to pick it up, and noticed a label.


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