adlyin and zayneach had a pet adlyin had a poodle named white tail and ZAYN HAD A FRENCH BULLLDOG that was very nice its name was vinnie.on octerber the 23.they switched bodys with their dogs they have until holween to switch back if they dont they will be dogs FOREVER


1. Adlyin-the brave [IM NOT A BARBIE!]

hello my name is adlyin.im 16.i live near the woods.i have long brown hair and i'm really pale,i have crystal blue eyes.im sorta short.i know this weird but i have a french poodle.i mean it's indoor's dog because i live in the woods!ok so now lets get to the story.ok so i don't dress fancy or anything.i dont really wear high-heels.i just wear a tad of make-up.i'm from the u.k. so when i moved to amercia or the u.s.a i was happy.i mean i didn't like all those rich mean.i hated 1D,the only member i liked was zayn,he's my boyfriend.he knows that i dont like his band.but i like just him singing.so everybody thinks i look like a barbie doll.they say omigosh your SOOOOOOO pretty!and stuff.i mean i have camo on most off the time.im not exacly the popularist girl in school like jessica brown.UGH!SHE IS THE WORST GIRL IN THE WORLD!i want nothing to do with that girl!NOTHING!IF ANT=YTHING SHE IS A BARBIE!make up all done.dreses high-heels.

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