The youtuber

Lesslie is a famous youtuber and she is a big One Direction fan. Her dream is to meet the boys. One day she's on her way to the beach to make a new video and she get in a car accident with a bus. When she wakes up she has no idea were she is or what's happening. All she can see is five boys stand around her. When she and one of the boys fall in they promise that they won't tell anyone. But someone else get jealous. Can the the secret being kept as a secret or does someone tells it to the world?


3. When I saw your face

Liam's pov.

I woke up at the hospital. ''You're awake, that's great'' a nures say to me. ''Why am I here?'' I asked. ''You and the other boys were in a car accident, the other boys are already awake and they have been so worried. I gonna go get them'' she says and walk out. The lads were coimg in and gave me a big group hug. ''Dude, we were relly worried about you!'' Zayn says. ''What happened?'' I asked. ''We drowe into a car and then we ended up here.'' Harry answered. ''It was a girl that drove the other car'' Niall said sad. ''Did you know her?'' Louis asked. ''No, but she is relly famous on youtube. I watch one of her video's right befor the crash'' Niall said. 

Niall's pov.

I couldn't stop thinking about the girl. I think her name was Lesslie or something like that. The picture of her and the crash was on replay in my head. ''Are you alright mate?'' I heard Zayn say while was shaking my body. ''Yeah'' I said quiet. A nurse came into the room. ''If you want to you can visit the girl'' she told us. We all followed the nurse to the girl's room. She just laid on the bed. ''Is she alright?'' I asked . ''Yes, she will wake up now any minute'' the nurse said to me. I walked to her bed and grabbed her hand. It was so soft and small in mine. I looked at her and she was so beautiful. I heard aww's from the boys. ''Shut up'' I just said to them. I suddenly felt that she lightly squeezed my hand. ''Hey, I think she's waking up!'' I told the lads. They all ran to the bed except Liam who ran to get a nurse. She slowly opened her eyes. What I had not seen in the video was how beautiful her eyes were. They were in a light green colour. ''Were am I?'' she asked and looked right into my eyes.

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