The youtuber

Lesslie is a famous youtuber and she is a big One Direction fan. Her dream is to meet the boys. One day she's on her way to the beach to make a new video and she get in a car accident with a bus. When she wakes up she has no idea were she is or what's happening. All she can see is five boys stand around her. When she and one of the boys fall in they promise that they won't tell anyone. But someone else get jealous. Can the the secret being kept as a secret or does someone tells it to the world?


2. What happened?

Niall's pov.

The lads and I sat at the table and talked about last night's show. ''I think it went great'' Harry say loud so everyone could hear. I got back and laid down in my bed. I got up my phone and got into twitter. Then I had nothing to do for fun I went to youtube. On the frontpage there was a beautiful girl that had made a video called 'draw my life'. I started watching it. That girl had been having a terrible life. In the end she said that she became a directioner winter 2011. So she's is a fan of us. That's interesting. And then, I just heard a bang and it all went black.

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