The youtuber

Lesslie is a famous youtuber and she is a big One Direction fan. Her dream is to meet the boys. One day she's on her way to the beach to make a new video and she get in a car accident with a bus. When she wakes up she has no idea were she is or what's happening. All she can see is five boys stand around her. When she and one of the boys fall in they promise that they won't tell anyone. But someone else get jealous. Can the the secret being kept as a secret or does someone tells it to the world?


5. Finally out of here

Lessli's pov.


After one hour the boys left and I started to prepare to get home. I suddenly remembered, I was going to the beach to meet Lily. I took my phone and checked it, Lily had called me 13 times. I called her back. ''Were have you been? I've waited for you ate this beach for like 4 hours now! Were are you?'' Lily screamed into the phone. ''It's okay, I'm fine. I'm on my way right now'' I said to her. ''You better be or else I'm...'' I ended the call before she could say the last part. I went out of the hospital and walked to the road and waved at a taxi. But no one stoped. Suddenly a car stopped in front of me. It was Niall. ''Do want ride?'' he asked. ''Yeah, I have to go to the beach. My friend is there waiting on me''. ''I'll take you there'' he said and I jumped into the car. The car ride was relly silent. No one said anything. When we came to the beach I said thanks and I jumped out. Niall also jumped out. ''Here's my number, if you need a ride some more time'' he said and handed me a piece of paper. I took it and putted it in my pocket. We said good bye and then he hugged me. Niall James Horan hugged me. I couldn't believ it. He jumped back into his car and drove away. I saw Lily down by the water and talked to some guys. I walked towards them. When Lily saw me she just towards me, then she made me fall into the hot sand. ''I'm going to kill you'' she said and I started to giggle. She looked so funny when see was mad. ''Were have you been?'' she asked. And I started to tell her everything that had happened since I left my house earlier.


Niall's pov.


When I jumped into my car again I was thinking about what just happened. Did I just give her my number? I haven't even known her for a day jet. What if someone saw us hug each other. They maybe didn't see it was me. I was wearing a snapback, sunglasses and a big hoddie. Why would someone see it was me? I stopped thinking about that and just focused on road. I don't want to get in two accidents at the same day.Mine and Lesslie's hug kept playng on repeat in my head. The felling I had for her was so wierd. I never felt like this before towards any girl. I knew it was something with her but I didn't know what it was. I needed to meet her again. I hope she will call me. That means she also want to meet me, I hope. When I came back to the hotel Paul came out to take me inside in safe. We ran into the hotel and the lads came to me. ''Were have you been?'' I had only told Paul were I was and I didn't even thinking about to tell the lads. But now I had to. ''I just drove litlle'' I told them. I saw in ther faces that they thought I lied, but some of it was true. ''You meet someone didn't you?'' Louis said with a big smile on his face. ''Yeah, I did'' I said to them and they all screamed ''who?''. ''I saw Lesllie stand outside the hospital and trying to get a taxi and I offered a ride''. All the lads was so happy, except Harry. He just looked angry and then he was walking away to the elevator to get to his room. 

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