How to make a good Fan fiction

Tips for writing a good fan fiction :)

Anyone can write a good book, but some people don't know how and just write the book as they go. (DONT DO THAT) I want you to read this book from beginning to end. And I guarantee you will have a good book that lots of people will enjoy reading.

I love fan fictions. I hate how there are barley any out there that are good anymore :(


5. How to get an original idea

Okay, so you want to make a Fan-fic? 

How to get an original idea

Everyone can come up with ideas but are they original?
To keep a reader interested you need to make it interesting. Its not going to be entertaining  if there are 5 books just like yours. You have to be original if you want to have a good book.

If you want to get an original idea read the following!
-Get your handy dandy note book out again. Start jotting down ideas. When you're at school or on a bus or anywhere and you have a idea jot it down. It would suck if you forgot it.

-Ask yourself "How is my idea different from the other books?"
"What are the characters conflicts?" make sure you have an original conflict.

- Be inspired! Watch tv, read books, go on youtube. All of thoes things could give you ideas. (BUT DONT COPY) be original

I cant give you you're original book idea. I wish I could but the best ideas comes from your heart.

So all you can do is think and one day it will come to you. Don't be in a rush to start your fan fiction. Just wait and when you get that original idea start writing :) 

Fan fiction to get you inspired: Not quite yourself
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