How to make a good Fan fiction

Tips for writing a good fan fiction :)

Anyone can write a good book, but some people don't know how and just write the book as they go. (DONT DO THAT) I want you to read this book from beginning to end. And I guarantee you will have a good book that lots of people will enjoy reading.

I love fan fictions. I hate how there are barley any out there that are good anymore :(


2. Get an idea

      Okay so you want to write a fan fiction? 


First things first :)
     Find a note book. This will be your new book of ideas!!!! 
   (Make sure you have it with you at all times) start jotting down Ideas you want for your book. Ask yourself: "What are my goals I want for this book" How do you want this book to end? What are some problems the characters are going to find? How will they solve it? 

After that is done make a character page!
Who are the characters and what are there personalities going to be? 
What will they look like?

     After you like what you see :) pull out that note book again! 
Write down the first chapter. (Keep an idea in your head on how long the chapters are going to be) -make sure the chapters aren't short.

Now when your finished the first chapter look it over and make CORRECTIONS!!!
And when you think its good I want you to close that note book and do something else. Look at it the next day and make more CORRECTIONS!!! If you leave your book for a day you will have a new fresh idea and will be able to edit better. I want you to do that for three days and then hand it to a friend. I know its embarrassing to hand your work to someone but they can help you edit. They view your story differently and can help your chapters improve. Note: if you read your book out loud you will be able to find more corrections to improve on.

When you know your ready to post. I want you to find a good editing site. I have some examples Note book-on Apple or even on Microsoft word. And when that is done you are ready to publish! 

 I know how hard and long all this will take to get just one stupid chapter but that is how make a good book. (Don't rush it)   

-> Next chapter (How to catch the readers attention) 

A good fan fiction to read and be inspired from: Slave auction 

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