What's happening?

this is another short story,
this time it's about a girl who is shut in a dark room and has no idea where she is.


1. What's Happening?

Where am I? I can not tell. I can taste blood and dust. Its pitch black in here! I can barely see an inch in front of my nose. I can feel strong, rough ropes sorely rubbing against my wrists and ankles where I’m tied to a chair. All of a sudden, I hear voices. There not in the room with me but there very close. Now I can hear footsteps. They’re getting louder and louder. It sounds like their right there, beside me! I try to scream but no sound comes out. I’m stuck in here to face whatever happens to me. I’m terrified. I just want to go home.


A door opens in front of me with a loud creak and the light from outside fills the room. It blinds me so I can’t see a thing. When my eyes adjusted to the light I can see two men standing in the open doorway. One is tall and one is short. The short man isn’t taking any notice of me, but the tall one keeps glancing at me, as if he’s sorry that I’m here. That makes me even more scared. The short one has only a few hairs on top of his shinny head. He is wearing oval tinted glasses and a faded lab coat. Like the short one, the tall one also wore a lab coat, but his was a pure white, which made me think it was new. He has striking, curly ginger hair, his face was turned into a forced smile which was directed at me. All it did was make me feel awkward. A thought flashed through my mind, I’ve seen this man before.


They sat down in front of me. “What is your name?” the tall one asked. He sounded like… he sounded like, my distance step dad. But it couldn’t be him; he was supposed to me on safari with mum, what was she doing here! I didn’t answer his question. “What is your name!” he shouted at me, his eyes seemed red with anger.  “SAVANNAH!” I blurted out, afraid of what he might do to me if I didn’t answer. “Savannah, you go to Assumption grammar school, correct?” he asked. “How do you know?!” I exclaimed. “You’re wearing your school uniform.” He was right; I was wearing my uniform, well almost all of it. My blazer and bag are gone, I can't see them anywhere. “How old are you, Savannah?” “Twelve,” I whispered, still afraid of what they might do to me if I didn’t answer. “Do you know why you are here, Savannah?” I didn’t like the way he kept putting my name at the end of his sentences. “No,” I answered. “Good, let’s keep it this way,” he said. They talked between themselves and then got up. The short one turned off the light and they left. I was alone, alone in the darkness once again.v

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