Remembering You

Lizzie gets in a car accident and when she wakes up in the hospital, she remembers nothing. No childhood memories, no recollection of any friends or family, nothing. Except for one thing, she keeps seeing the same face in her head, but she has no idea who he is, no name to match the face and of all the people that have come to visit her, she hasn't seen him. When she gets out of the hospital, she makes it her mission to find him because he must have been pretty important if he's the only one she remembers. One day, she sees him on the TV with four other boys. They say his name is Harry Styles. She sets out to find him, to figure out why he is her only memory.


1. Chapter 1

Lizzie's POV:


My eyes flutter open. "Lizzie!" a woman screams. I look at her with a blank expression. "W-who are you?" I ask. Her smile fades as she says, "You don't remember me?" I slowly shake my head, trying to remember, but I can't. She leaves the room as I try to place her. She comes back in with a man behind her. "Lizzie, I'm thrilled to see that you're awake. I'm Doctor Paisley. Now, you're mom says you're having a bit of trouble remembering her." I nod as he continues, "That's not abnormal, considering the circumstances. Do you remember what happened?" I try to think, to remember, but I realize, I can't remember anything that happened. I shake my head and he says, "Okay, well, you were in a car accident on your way home from your friend, Mimi's, house. You hit your head pretty hard. You've been asleep for two and a half weeks. What's the last thing you remember?" I'm silent for a second before I say, "Nothing, I can't remember anything." The doctor gets a slightly puzzled look on his face and says, "What do you mean? You have no childhood memories? Nobody you remember? No names? No faces?" I close my eyes for a second and take it all in before saying, "One face. I can remember one face. I have no name to match it, but it's all I see." The doctor gives me an encouraging look and says, "Go on." "He-he's got emerald green eyes and brown, curly hair," I say. "I've never seen anything like this," the doctor says, kind of to himself. "Well, that makes me feel so special," I snap, irritated. "Honey, you don't have to be short with him, this isn't his fault. He's just doing his job," the woman who is apparently my mom, says. "Well, he's not helping. This is scary enough as it is. I mean, apparently your my mom; I have no idea who you are, no memory of you! Okay, I don't need him telling me how unusual this is," I snap. She gets a hurt expression on her face and stops talking. "Look, Lizzie, I know you're scared, that's understandable," Doctor Paisley says. "Lizzie? See, you keep calling me Lizzie; I have no idea who Lizzie is! Okay? Don't say you understand unless you do! So, tell me, do you understand? Have you ever lost your entire memory," I exclaim. "No, I'm sorry," the doctor says. "I'm sorry, I didn't need to snap at you, you didn't cause this, I'm just frustrated," I say. The doctor nods and says, "No apology needed. You have the right to be frustrated and irritated," the doctor says. "Thank you," I say. He nods and says, "We should probably go and let you rest." I nod and my mom says, "I'm gonna go let everybody know you're awake. Mimi's in the waiting room if you want to see her and I need to call everybody else." I nod and say, "Mimi? She's the one I got in the car accident with, right?" "No, you were driving home from her house, but you were alone when you crashed," my mom says. I nod and say, "Okay, send her in." My mom nods and walks out of the door with Doctor Paisley right behind her.


A/N: Hey guys! Here's a sneak peek, hope you like! More tomorrow if I get a comment!(: Luv ya all!

xoxo ~AlyJay(: & TaeKay(:

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