The ONe and Only

Julie is A girl with a weird Blood line she is a Fairy Goddess and she is living on earth Her father is Zeus and her mother is Queen of the Fairy's Juno .And she is a big Fan of One Direction what happened when her friend Skyler takes her to a concert and Harry and all the boys fall for her what will happen when her father comes to her she can do all of the Gods and Goddess Powers and she is the Queen her step-mother Hera loves her and blesses her the Tiger and Wolf what happens when she falls for one of the guys in One D??. Julie Jane HaertLace she has Blound hair with Brown high lights she has Sky Blue eyes and has a few freckle's on her nose she is very Beautiful and no one cant say she cant sing since she is a Goddess and Fairy she can do a lot more but she only has one thing left after her mom Died a necklace was left it has a wing and Lighting on it entwined...........Love yay


1. Prolog

I Looked at My House and picked up a box I live here by myself its more of a Mansion I have my bed room with a Balcony with roses growing all over it and up it I held my gold necklace in my hand and put it on I opened the gates I have maids and A butler but I manly live by myself I picked up a Box and carried it up to my bedroom My back yard was huge I am getting Dogs Two some time before the 1D concert I want to meet my new next door people I am 16 years old and I have a pool in my back yard I turned on Taylor Swift Our Song and started singing I can play the guitar and Piano and I have my own convertible and some other car and a Limo my personal driver for my Lima I can drive my Orange Convertible My Mustang I can also drive its a Blue one its dark blue my grange is black and Has a bar in it I also have a bar in my bedroom and in the living room chandlers all over the house is how we light the place I put the Box on my bed and took all the things out when I cheeked my IPhone 17 its the newest its not out yet I looked out my Blue double doors with pink glass I walked over to them and held the golden currents from closing I walked out to the end and looked over my back yard when I saw some Curly hair and blound and brown hair and some dark brown hair  I smiled "Hello out their anyone their?" I Yelled and they poked their heads up "WELCOME TO ENGLAND!" they all yelled I smiled and waved "WHO ARE YOU GUYS I AM JULIE." I yelled to them and they smiled at me "I AM HARRY STYLES." the Curly one with green eyes yelled "I AM LIAM PAYNE." The Blound one yelled "I AM ZAYN MALIKE." the Dark haired one yelled "I AM NIALL HORANE." the light brown haired one yelled to me "I AM LOUIS TAMLISON." The with a buzz cut hair yelled  I smiled the 5 Members of my Favored band ever "I AM JULIE JANE HEARTLACE." I Yelled to them they all smiled Haha "I JUST MOVED IN ITS NICE TO MEET YOU." I yelled and smiled I closed my doors and walked down stairs "I am going to adopt my dogs now by."  I left house and Drove off to the shelter for dogs. I got their and a pit-bull and a wolf were ready for me a white and black wolf with Ice blue eyes I named her Icy and I named the black Pitt June  they are both girls and are going to be spoiled their pups right now  I got them both velvet pink and white dog beds and houses they have their own rooms and then their rooms were painted White and blue they are going to love it I thanked the women and put them in my car they are housebroke I looked at my Phone 7:00 okay. Once home and had dinner I got up in my bed my curly hair layed all aver my arms its so long I promised my mom I wouldn't cut it I held the necklace close to me its a heart its gold and the thing that holds it is silver Mom says its powerful "Good-Night Mum Dad." I whispered as I dripped off to sleep.!.

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