The ONe and Only

Julie is A girl with a weird Blood line she is a Fairy Goddess and she is living on earth Her father is Zeus and her mother is Queen of the Fairy's Juno .And she is a big Fan of One Direction what happened when her friend Skyler takes her to a concert and Harry and all the boys fall for her what will happen when her father comes to her she can do all of the Gods and Goddess Powers and she is the Queen her step-mother Hera loves her and blesses her the Tiger and Wolf what happens when she falls for one of the guys in One D??. Julie Jane HaertLace she has Blound hair with Brown high lights she has Sky Blue eyes and has a few freckle's on her nose she is very Beautiful and no one cant say she cant sing since she is a Goddess and Fairy she can do a lot more but she only has one thing left after her mom Died a necklace was left it has a wing and Lighting on it entwined...........Love yay


6. Chapter 4

Ran as fast as my legs could carry me out to the ally I ran down it god dame these boys Mum Dad Help me "HEY their pretty thing." I heard Zayn say oh god help me. "NO NO AND NO." I yelled when all of us were in the living room "I CALL THE SHOTS NOT YOUTHIS IS MY HOUSE GOT IT." I was out raged at them all of them "but-" I gave him a death glare "I SAID SHUT UP" I yelled they all began getting scared "Good boys." I smiled and left the room "NO one follow me ." I said and closed and locked the door I slid down the back to the door and wiped the sweat off me then I heard a knock I dint move "YES" I yelled to the person It was Louis "Hey please I know it starts tomorrow but put this on" he gave me a bunny outfit it is only a corset its whit with pink bows all over it I put it on and walked out all eyes on me "What." I smiled enjoying giving them Boners but non of my body. I lent down to show my ass and shook it a bit when some one came behind me and grabbed my waist "Louis I think your first tonight." I winked and all the others sighed "Harry sleep in Louis room after you can come back to bed kay." I said and then left with Louis laughing my Ass off with him "DI-Di-di you see their faces." I was laughing so hard stuttering then Louis had me standing up and in his arms Grinding on me from behind "well I said o nights your night" I sighed and laughed a bit as he started kissing my neck and moving the outfit off  my body and undoing his clothes till we were both naked and I was grinding on him and he turned me around and layed me down moving down to My Pussy he licked my clit and I took an intake of breath and exhaled a bit like a moun as he nibbled on it he stuck his tong in me moving it in and out making me breath heavy then he move up to my Breasts and started sucking on them "Lo-lou" I stumbled out of my mouth then he moved to my neck were he found my soft spot I mouned rather loud "I  am Going in okay." he said I nodded as he entered me it hurt I was crying but dint say anything then pleaser came all around me (Louis) I mouned his name  and he started doing it a bit faster harder I wrapped my legs around his waist so he could go all the way in to me "Harder Faster " I mouned and he did as told he turned me over and said "Okay tis will also hurt a bit more then I think you want but it well feel good after a while okay." I nodded and he entered me again he started slow but picked up the pace I started to moun then I flipped us over me on top I went down to his Dick and nibbled on the top he mound loudly I started moving it  in and out of my mouth he grabbed my hair making me go further and then he Cum in my mouth I swallowed  it ignoring the horrid Taste I feel to the bed he got out dressed and Harry came in undressed only his boxers and me naked we feel asleep.... 

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