The ONe and Only

Julie is A girl with a weird Blood line she is a Fairy Goddess and she is living on earth Her father is Zeus and her mother is Queen of the Fairy's Juno .And she is a big Fan of One Direction what happened when her friend Skyler takes her to a concert and Harry and all the boys fall for her what will happen when her father comes to her she can do all of the Gods and Goddess Powers and she is the Queen her step-mother Hera loves her and blesses her the Tiger and Wolf what happens when she falls for one of the guys in One D??. Julie Jane HaertLace she has Blound hair with Brown high lights she has Sky Blue eyes and has a few freckle's on her nose she is very Beautiful and no one cant say she cant sing since she is a Goddess and Fairy she can do a lot more but she only has one thing left after her mom Died a necklace was left it has a wing and Lighting on it entwined...........Love yay


4. Chapter 3

 I looked at myself I couldnt belive I just said yes to that the next two weeks the boys were moveing in I have not chosen who I will date I was crring once again when someone came in I threw my pillow at the, "THIS IS MY HOUSE GET OUT OF MY ROOM.!!" I yelled at the persn but they just closed the door and walked over to me and sat beside me "Hey look I know if you want date me Niall and Louis and Liam are all dateing just me and Zayn." the guy who was beside me said I smiled "Hi Haeey I think I will [ick you i do mean you are the nicest to me and I like you the most." I smiled at him "BOYS GET IN MY ROOM!!" I yelled They all ran in "Who did you pick to walk out and in with as your Love of your Life??" they all asked at once dame that was getting annoying "Harry I really like him the most and I would Love to be his grilfriend and I can talk toh im the most." I said they all sighed but Harry he pulled out smething a ring it was black and red ruby in the middle "See this shows out to everyone your mine." he simlied i put it on and smiled "We will shair a room the other will be a a gestroom." he looked fine with that all his things were put in my room...This week is going to be great aka can you tell i am lying we have 5 things 4 partys and what ever else "Harry were are you.?" I called and from behind me someones arms found their way around me "Niall its not time yet go away dame you boys are so frustrating.!" I sighed out a deep breath and he laughed and moved away as Harry came to us ''HEY Baby." I laughed and Kissed him HE Kissed back and found his way to our room DAme im not ready i am  a Vinlla I smiled but moved so fast he fell to the bed and I ran out of the room in to Liam DAme why are they all over this place he smiled I ran to the back yard the girls were playing WITH LOUIS "DAME THESE BOYS !!" I yelled out loud Oh no...I smiled and Ran...

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