Forever True Love

Kaillym is a 19 year old artist working at "All Visual Arts". One day she takes her friends, Jordyn and Kaitlyn to the secret gardens, where all the best celebs go, and meet a very unexpected visitor.
*read more to find out who it is*


4. Kaitlyns POV

Kaillym and Jordyn's phones and shoes are gone and they never go anywhere without their phones. One time we were going out for dinner as a girls night and Kaillym couldn't find her phone so she refused to leave the house until she found it! I crept texting them hoping they'd answer but no matter how many times I texted them they didn't answer. So me and Liam went looking for them but had no luck. When we got home collapsed somliam had to take me up to my room wile he slept on the couch. I woke up still in my dress so I changed into a tank top and some sweat pants. After I finished changing I smelt something amazing! I was attracted to it like a moth to light. As I got closer to the smell I could smell bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. When I got in the kitchen Liam was cooking breakfast. "Good morning" he said popping toast in the toaster. "I didn't know he could cook!" I thought to myself surprised. I looked over to the living room and grew glum. "They still aren't back." I said with a frown. "I'm sure they will be back soon, don't worry." Liam said giving me a hug. He set breakfast on the table and we ate quietly. After we finished, I went upstairs and got dressed in casual ripped jeans, Roxy t-shirt and a small pearl necklace. I went downstairs and watched tv with Liam. Just then the door swung open and the girls along with Harry and Louis came in. I stared at the girls furiously, they just seemed embarrassed and didn't say anything. The boys just kinda waved and then I burst! "WHERE WERE YOU GUYS?!" I asked angrily. They were speechless. I stomped upstairs while Liam stayed there to talk to them. Why can't I be as calm as him in these problems?

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