Forever True Love

Kaillym is a 19 year old artist working at "All Visual Arts". One day she takes her friends, Jordyn and Kaitlyn to the secret gardens, where all the best celebs go, and meet a very unexpected visitor.
*read more to find out who it is*


1. Kaillyms POV

MEEP MEEP MEEP."Ugh shut up! Stupid alarm clock." I said slowly getting up. I'm 19 and work as an artist at an art gallery called "All Visual Arts". Just as I went too pour some tea I glanced up at the clock. "Crap! It's 12! I got to meet the girls!" I sped to get dressed I put on a pink bubblegum colored T that hung of the shoulder, black skinny jeans and my designer leather cowgirl boots with small pockets on them perfect for holding my iPhone. I gulped down my tea. "OWWWW!" I had burnt my tongue. I rushed out to my car and sped down the road(bad for my reputation but i was in a hurry). I had finally made it to the secret gardens out of town that only the best celebs and artists know about, so technically me. And there at the vine and flower covered gate was my  2 bffs, Jordyn and Kaitlyn. "You're 5 minutes late!" They said eager to get in to the gardens. "Thorry!" I said with my tongue still burnt."You sound ridiculous!" Jordyn giggled. I flicked my hand at her and showed the secret camera my ID.(Everything's sorta secret seeming how we don't want anyone to know about the gardens.)

*Jordyns POV*

As we walked in we could hear music and laughing. People were having fun dancing and talking. "WOW! It looks different then I remember." I said in aww. " That's cause we're trying to change it up by adding new flowers and lights to make it more... colorful." Kaillym explained. We rushed over to smell the beautiful new flowers(or agilest me and Kaitlyn did, Kaillym just sketched some in her notebook!). There was roses, daffodils, tulips and many more flowers and plants from all around the world! There were lights everywhere attached to trees and bushes. We decided to get a drink at the bar. When we sat down and ordered our usuals,(me) Tequila,(kaityln) Mojito and an old fashioned Cocktail(Kaillym). And apparently the guy next to me ordered the same thing so when the Tequila was put down, we both reached for it. I looked up and there sitting beside me was Louis Tomlinson and his to friends Harry Styles and Liam Payne from One Direction!

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