Forever True Love

Kaillym is a 19 year old artist working at "All Visual Arts". One day she takes her friends, Jordyn and Kaitlyn to the secret gardens, where all the best celebs go, and meet a very unexpected visitor.
*read more to find out who it is*


2. Jordyns POV Part 2

I started daydreaming. I dreamt that i had fell off the chair was sitting on cause I got startled by the fact of me looking at Louis! And when i hit the ground he came to my rescue hmmm. but as i hit the ground in my dream something in real life hit the ground behind me. When i turned around I saw Kaitlyn on the ground. "Ow!" She mumbled. Liam went to her rescue. "You ok?" He asked in a sweet voice. Kaitlyn blushed and made a quick joke so no one would see, but the problem was we saw her blushing. "Besides a small amount of brain damage, yeah." they both smiled and she grabbed his hand. Liams back was turned towards us so me and Kaillym made a bunch of kissy faces to Kaitlyn. She was to busy looking at us that she forgot she was still holding liams hand and he was still holding hers. She let go and turned beat red. I started giggling with my hand over my mouth trying to stop. Then I noticed Kaillym doing the same thing. Then we burst out laughing, Kaitlyn followed in and the boys just smiled. After our laugh we didn't know what to do with the fact that we were looking at 3 of the boys from One Direction and the fact that I was still thirsty! The bar tender noticed how he forgot 1 drink so that solved that. I was the first to speak "So where's the rest of your band?" "They thought bolling was funner than this!" Harry said glancing at Kaillym. Kaillyms eyes opened a little wider she smiled. Liam still standing beside Kaitlyn said "Which we don't see how, there's dancing." He twirled  Kaitlyn around. "And pretty girls." Louis said staring at me. I blushed. "Well then how about a dance?" I said looking at all the boys. They agreed and we all rushed to the disco dance floor.(yes theres a disco dance floor!)We danced the night away. After we were done dancing we decided to go home Kaitlyn and Liam stayed behind a bit. I saw Kaitlyn pull out a small piece of paper and a pen. She wrote something and gave it to Liam. We went our separate ways and drove home

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