Maybe Being Wrong Is A Good Thing

All Rachel wanted was to be loved. Yeah she had her two best friends Alex and Maleah but she wanted a guy to love her. To love her for her and not to have to change for them. One day she somehow meets her favorite boy band One Direction in the weirdest way. Rachel loved them but had NO intention of falling for one of them. Dating a star would be to stressful and she was sure they would be stuck up. But.....maybe she was wrong.


21. Mrs. Styles, Horan, & Malik

Alex's POV


I was still running last night through my head. Zayn. The kiss. How we are dating now. It all happened so fast. I smiled to myself as I thought about the way he had looked at me. That look he had given me. I couldv'e sworn it was real love. I just couldn't believe that me, Alex, was going out with Zayn Malik. 


We were getting ready for our day at Splashin Safari today. I had on my bathing suit, shorts, and a loose tank top. I was already picturing riding water rides with Zayn and him splashing me in the wave pool. If he went in the wave pool. I forgot he couldn't swim. I think he'll be alright. I mean, the wave pool isn't that deep. 


Rachel then walked over, but I didn't see her. I was to busy daydreaming about my beautiful.....boyfriend. Still can't believe that's real. Then I saw a hand being waved in front of my face. "Alex!!! Earth to Alex!! Hey you! You with the face!" Rachel said, waving her hand in front of my face. I then snapped back to reality. "Oh hey buddy ole pal!" I said to her and lightly punched her in the arm and I skipped away to the bathroom. I couldn't wait for this day to start.



Rachel's POV


Hair down. Hair up. Hair down. Hair up. Hair down. Hair up. I stood in front of the mirror in our room playing with my hair. If my hair was down and it got wet at the water park it would be all wet and easy to style. In a way. But if it was up it would be out of my hair and easier to get Harry's cute lips. I giggled quietly to myself and decided to go in the middle. I put my hair down and tucked one side of my hair behind a ear. 


Maleah then walked up. She took her hair brush and held it up to her face. "So Mrs. Styles, how does it feel to be madly in love with the famous Harry Styles? Do tell." And she put the hairbrush up to my face. I laughed and took the brush from her. "Well Mrs. Horan. Maybe I am in love with that curly haired freak! Haha, but how does it feel to be in love with Mr. Niall Horan?" And I handed the brush back to the blushing Maleah. "Uh.....I don't know what you're talking about." she stuttered, but smiled. "Maybe I am. He is a cute little leprachaun." I laughed and unplugged my phone from the charger to see 15 new texts from Harry! "Good lord." I said and smiled all of them said the same thing.






Harry: I LOVE YOU 


I smiled back and decided to be cheeky. That's the word they used in England right? I text back:


Me: Your cool 


He then text back:


Harry: NOT COOL ;)


Me: haha jk love ya babe! 


Harry: you beautiful ladies almost done gettin ready?


Me: yep! we'll be down to the lobby in 10 min :)


Harry: cool can't wait! 


I then walked up to the bathroom and banged on the door. "Hurry up Mrs. Malik! It's almost time to go!" I then walked over to Maleah, who was sitting on the bed scrolling through pictures on her phone. 


"Hey, what's up?" I said and looked at the pictures there were pictures her and Niall had taken. She smiled but frowned at the same time. "I'm good, I'm just a little worried." she said. I asked her why. She told me about how she was worried that Niall was going to ask her out just because everyone had a boyfriend or girlfriend but them two. She sniffed and kept looking at the pictures. I smiled and took her phone and put it on the bed next to me. "Look Maleah, listen to me. Niall is probably going to ask you out, but not because of that. I can tell he wouldv'e asked you earlier, he's just nervous. And when he does, just talk to him about it. I'm sure he will confess his love to you!" And she smiled. "Thanks Rach. I hope you're right." She stood up and went to get her flip flops. 


I knew he would ask her out I just knew it. Alex then walked out of the bathroom and we all headed down to the lobby.


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