Maybe Being Wrong Is A Good Thing

All Rachel wanted was to be loved. Yeah she had her two best friends Alex and Maleah but she wanted a guy to love her. To love her for her and not to have to change for them. One day she somehow meets her favorite boy band One Direction in the weirdest way. Rachel loved them but had NO intention of falling for one of them. Dating a star would be to stressful and she was sure they would be stuck up. But.....maybe she was wrong.


13. Lunch

Alex's POV


This was the best day ever! We had already ridden all three of the roller coasters at least five times! And it was only the first day. We just seemed to be getting to the roller coasters at the right time. Or maybe it was because me and the girls were the biggest boy band on the planet. 


Right now we were eating lunch at this place in the Christmas part of the park called Kringle's Kafe. Yes, spelled with a K. We all had a huge piece of pizza with fries, bread sticks, and cookies. It was a perfect feast for eight hungry teenagers. I was sitting inbetween Rachel and Zayn and I couldn't help but smile.


We were an odd bunch. I could hear two different conversations that were going on, both of them made absolutely no sense at all. I heard Niall, Maleah, and Liam having a debate on what type of pizza Buzz Lightyear would like if he had a favorite pizza. Zayn, Harry, Louis and Rachel were talking about who was better, Superman or Ironman. It was all quite comical. 


"No! Buzz would like Supreme because it looks cool and it just seems like it would be from space!" I heard Niall say. "Looks like it would be from space? How does it look like it would be from space?" Maleah questioned Niall. "Because it does!" Niall exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "NO! Only Liam gets to decide what kind of pizza Buzz would eat because he is my second best friend! After Woody..." Liam said quickly to Niall. Maleah rolled her eyes. "Who cares?" she said laughing. I smiled and listened to the other conversation.


"Ironman is better! Think about it, he saved the world all those times and he is just a normal human being who made a super suit. Not some alien." I heard Rachel argue. "NO! Superman is better!!!!! There is mo explanation! He just IS!" Louis exclaimed. "Hey, I agree with Louis. Superman is pretty awesome. He is a flippin alien for crying out loud." Zayn said. Rachel rolled her eyes. "What do you think Harry?" Louis said with a crazy look in his eye. Ouch. Choosing between his best friend and the girl he liked. I think. Nah. I know. 


"Uh....."Harry said. Rachel and Louis were both eyeing him and Zayn looked amused. "I like both?" Harry said. It was sort of a question. Wrong answer. "NO! You need an answer!!" Louis exclaimed. "Yeah! Come on Curls! Have to choose a side. Ironman, the right side. Or Superman. The stupid side." Rachel said. Zayn's eyes widened, as did mine. Louis was going to have a fit. "STUPID?!?!?!" he screamed. Then Zayn and I burst out laughing. I leaned over. "This is getting good." I said to Zayn. "Oh yeah. Louis is about to go wild." He replied, smirking. 


Louis stood up, and sat by Rachel on the other side of the booth, (it was Harry, Louis, Niall, and Maleah sitting in the chairs, and then Rachel, Me, Zayn, and Liam sitting on the booth) and looked straight into her face and just stared. But not a cute stare, a very creepy stare. Creepier than what Harry did to Rachel yesterday. She laughed and scooted closer to me, but he pulled her back and sat in her lap! She then started laughing, and then laughed even harder. I then saw that he had started tickling her. We all started laughing, but I laughed the hardest because I then saw all the people staring at us.


Louis then stopped and looked at me. He squeezed himself between Rachel and me and said, "What? You think Superman is stupid too?" "No, you just look funny." I said smirking. He then starting tickling me and I screamed and laughed. "Zayn! Help!" I said, trying to catch my breathe. "Louis! Sit!" Zayn said, and Louis stopped and sat back down on the booth. "Walk!" he said again and Louis walked back and sat in his chair. We all laughed. "So Louis is actually your pet dog?" I said. "Kinda. We had to train him." Harry said. I then noticed he looked upset and was kinda looking at Rachel and then at Louis again. You have got to be kidding me. I pulled out my phone and text Rachel.


Me: Harry was looking at you and then at Louis. I think he's jealous. 


Rachel: He was not. 


Me: Yep he was. I hope he doesn't think Louis likes you. Well in THAT way.


Rachel: If he thinks that, he doesn't have a brain under all those curls! Lou has Eleanour!


Me: Good point lol You still gonna talk to him later?


Rachel: Yeah. Kinda nervous about it


Me: Don't be! But make sure you tell me and maleah everything after!!!! :D


Rachel: No prob ;)


I looked up from my phone and smiled at Rachel. She smiled back and I nudged at her to look at Harry. He was staring at her again. She blushed and started sipping her Sprite that was empty. I laughed and looked at Zayn. I laughed again because he had pizza sauce in his stubble on his chin. He looked over at me and said "What?" with a weird look, which of course made me laugh even harder. I took a napkin and wiped it off of his face and threw it on the table. "Oh." he said blushing. I laughed again. He was to cute.


"Are we all ready to go? I was thinking we could hit Raging Rapids a couple times to wait for our food to go down and then hit the Voyage again?" Niall said to everybody. We nodded. We got up and threw our trash away. I looked over and saw Niall whisper something to Maleah and she laughed and then he whsipered something else and she laughed even harder and said something back that I couldn't make out. He fake gasped and picked her up threw her over his shoulder and pretended to put her in the trash can, but just put her on top. He laughed and put her down and threw his arm around her shoulder. Zayn must of saw this because he out his arm around my waist and brought me to him. I smiled up at him and he kissed my nose. I giggled and kissed his chin. He laughed and pulled me into a hug. 


I looked over and saw Harry and Rachel walking together and were talking to Liam and Louis. I kept seeing them sneak glances at each other. I couldn't wait to hear about their "talk" later.


Love was all over this little vacation.

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