Maybe Being Wrong Is A Good Thing

All Rachel wanted was to be loved. Yeah she had her two best friends Alex and Maleah but she wanted a guy to love her. To love her for her and not to have to change for them. One day she somehow meets her favorite boy band One Direction in the weirdest way. Rachel loved them but had NO intention of falling for one of them. Dating a star would be to stressful and she was sure they would be stuck up. But.....maybe she was wrong.


28. Leaving

*5 Days Later, Wednesday*


Rachel's POV


"Hurry up Alex! We have to go check out before we leave!" I yelled at the bathroom door. 'ALRIGHT! COME DOWN WOMAN!" she yelled back. I laughed. She was such a dork, but my best friend. Then my other equally dorky best friend walked in the door. "It's okay! I just checked out for us. We just have to leave as soon as possible because someone rented this room today and are coming in a half hour." "Alright. HEAR THAT ALEX???" I said. "YESSS!!!" she yelled back. Maleah then laughed with me. 


We started putting all of our packed bags onto the luggage cart. Alex then walked out and stuck her tongue out at both of us. "Real mature." I said. "I know." she said and started loading her bags onto the cart. I laughed and rolled my eyes. I then started to think about the crazy last few days.


I had met my favorite boy band and fell in love with one of them, went to Holiday World with them, and almost got killed because of it. It was all worth it though. I could walk now. I just had some bandages on my thigh, calf, and arm. My doctor here, had sent an e-mail to the hospital back at home. I had to go for a check up on Friday. I would be fine though. 


I missed the boys so much. I just waited for the text or call of when they were coming to visit us. We had all been non stop group texting or FaceTiming when we could and I was also privately texting Harry. He was my everything. 


"Alright ladies. Let's go back home!" Alex said. We all cheered and then looked at each other sadly. We were all thinking the same thing. We quietly rolled the cart out and into the elevator. As we rolled the cart out to the lobby, I stopped. Right by the place I had been run into by Harry. We all smiled. "Remember?" I said and they nodded. 


We then walked out to the car. Maleah was driving first. "Don't get us in trouble again Maleah." Alex said and we laughed. "Hey! That's when we were crazed One Direction fans!" "I think we still are, just in a different way." I said and they both nodded in agreement. Maleah then started the engine and said, "Home, here we come."

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