Maybe Being Wrong Is A Good Thing

All Rachel wanted was to be loved. Yeah she had her two best friends Alex and Maleah but she wanted a guy to love her. To love her for her and not to have to change for them. One day she somehow meets her favorite boy band One Direction in the weirdest way. Rachel loved them but had NO intention of falling for one of them. Dating a star would be to stressful and she was sure they would be stuck up. But.....maybe she was wrong.


9. Gotta Be You

Harry's POV


I don't why I kissed her. It was just a sudden emotion. She was talking so badly about herself and I just wanted her to stop. I loved her and I hoped she felt the electricity that I had felt when we kissed. It was an amazing kiss. 


Her lips were so soft and gentle, but I could sense the sadness. She seemed to calm down a bit when I kissed her but she looked a bit weird when I pulled back. She looked surprised, but happy. But then she seemed like she snapped back to reality or something and they looked uncomfortable. That was comforting. NOT. I was confused. Did she like me or not?


I snapped back to reality when she sat up and sat next to me. I liked having her head in my lap. I looked at her awkwardly. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't read if she had liked it or not. "Um, sorry about that." I mumbled. I didn't know what else to say.


"It's okay," she said quickly. "That was really sweet!" She then looked around and got off of the bunk. "Um," she said pushing her hair behind her ear. I loved when she did that. She seemed to sense that and then pushed it back in front of ears. What did this mean? "I have to go to the bathroom." She said and then rushed off. "Ok." I said watching her until the door to the bathroom closed. I sighed. I guess I would have to accept that she didn't like me. NO. That can't be true. She belongs with me. All I have wanted to do ever since I met her yesterday was protect and love her. Why could she not see that?


I got off the bunk and went to the front of the bus and sat next to Louis. "Hey mate! Is Rachel okay? She seemed a bit upset when she went into the loo. Haha that sounds like me! But I'm not a toilet. Let's make that clear!" Louis said. I smiled. Good ole Louis. "I think she is just a bit freaked out from the girl attack." I lied. I hated lying to Louis. I killed me. He was my best mate. Louis nodded.  "Gotcha! Those ladies can get a little crazy when they get around the Swag Master from Doncaster!" he said flexing his muscles. We all laughed, but out of the corner of my eye I saw Liam eyeing my suspiciously. I quickly looked away. He was probably on to me. She then walked out of the bathroom and I could tell she had been crying. She eyes were red but she was looking down and she quickly sat down next to Alex and rested her head on her shoulder. 


"You okay?" I heard Alex mumble to Rachel and she smiled and nodded. "Just a bit freaked out from the whole attack." she said. I had to hide my shocked face. She thought of the same lie as me. That's just a bti weird. Whatever Harry. That's too cheesy.


"HOLIDAY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!" Niall screamed, standing on his seat. Maleah laughed and blushed as he pulled her onto the seat and danced with her. We all laughed. We had just passed the sign. I hoped this would still be a great day.

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