Maybe Being Wrong Is A Good Thing

All Rachel wanted was to be loved. Yeah she had her two best friends Alex and Maleah but she wanted a guy to love her. To love her for her and not to have to change for them. One day she somehow meets her favorite boy band One Direction in the weirdest way. Rachel loved them but had NO intention of falling for one of them. Dating a star would be to stressful and she was sure they would be stuck up. But.....maybe she was wrong.


16. Crowds

Rachel's POV


He started to pull away, but I didn't want it to end. The kiss was perfect. I had never felt like this before. There was some sort of electricity that just sparked between us. I take that back. There were no sparks. There were fireworks. Beautiful fireworks.


As we pulled apart I realized he had cupped my chin with his hand and his other hand was on the back of my head. I had my arms around his neck. Dang. That was intense. We still sat like that centimeters away from each other. Just looking into each other's eyes.


Then without realizing I was, I giggled and tears formed in my eyes. He smiled and then frowned when he saw the tears. "Love, what's wrong?" he said. His eyes dug into mine, wanting to find out what's wrong. I laughed again and wiped eyes. "I'm just so happy. I've never felt like this before. And a guy has definitely never acted like this around me. Especially when we met like 2 days." I said quickly. I was blubbering and couldn't stop it. He pulled me into his arms and looked deep into my eyes before saying, "You mean the world to me. And trust me, I've never felt like this either. I'm always surrounded by the fans but none of them have ever made me feel like this. No girl has....I can't explain it." he said. We just kinda sat there for a minute before we heard Ben cough.


We looked over and he was smiling at Steve. They both then looked back at us. We rolled our eyes and laughed. "Let's go meet everybody else by the Legend like they said," Harry said standing up and pulling me with him. They both nodded and we started walking towards the Legend.


We got mobbed a couple more times and as Harry and I were huddled together I then realized that we were moving towards another crowd. I then found myself standing next to Louis! "Louis!" I yelled over the crowd, not letting go of Harry's hand. Yeah, I guess I left that detail out. We decided to hold hands. I decided who cares about stupid fans who will send me hate? They can't hurt my love for Harry or his love for me, which I still can't believe is real.


"Hello Love!" he shouted back and I waved to everybody else. Then he noticed Harry's and I's hands. "Ooooooooooooo-----." I had covered up Louis' mouth. I didn't want him to draw much attention to that. I still didn't care, but was it needed to shout it to the whole world?


When we finally got up to the room where you boarded The Legend, I realized Ben, Steve, and the other four security guards had to hold back the fans at the entrance. We quickly got on the next car as it came and got buckled in. I sat next to Harry and as we started moving up the track, I tried to ignore all the flashing cameras and phones. Could I deal with this?




Sorry it's so short.....and not very good lol. Haven't been having much ideas :( gonna brainstorm a bit more guys! love you! xoxo Rachel 

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