Kids In Australia --- A 1D fanfic

This is about a girl called Fiona and how she and her friends meet one direction. It is set in Australia.


2. Bad Feelings

"are you alright" I hear a voice behind me. Niall comes up and sits next to me."I guess, not really, I don't know, i'm just so confused."

He looks down and then back at me, "I don't know if i should tell you this, but Louis really likes you. Ever since he accidentally switched phones with you he's been going on about how pretty and funny and nice you are."

"but we hadn't even talked then how did he know that."

"he kind of had a look through your phone."


"no! Dont be mad, he didn't read your messages or anything, even though he seems all confident he's actually pretty shy and awkward with girls, especially those he really likes. He just wanted you to like him."

"oh that is so sweet. But what was that with liam?"

"I dont know how to explain that really. They used to be great mates but now they're getting so competitive, always arguing over

who gets the solo or the interview or the girl. Liam heard Louis talking about you and must have wanted you for himself."

"oh" so does he like me or is he just trying to beat Louis?"

"look I don't know, he's never been like that before and Louis seems really nervous about it. I think he might actually like you."

"oh god"

"it's a bit of a tricky position but it's only the first night, and the producers want you two here for the whole week of the video shoot."

"yeah I see. Thanks Niall, you've really helped me."

"no problem, anytime. Come on, let me walk you back to the hotel."

"I feel like I haven't really gotten to know you yet." Niall laughs

" well my name is Fiona, I'm 17, I live in sydney with my sister for the time being."

"oh that's cool, you into anything music, sports you know?"

"um yeah I sing a little"

"really! Me too!" he yells

"haha no way" i act surprised

He laughs, a really cute sweet laugh.

"thanks for being so nice to me Niall. It's a bit of a shock just coming here. I mean it's amazing but overwhelming."

"well don't worry you will fit in fine. And don't worry about Louis and Liam. They'll work it out."

We get back to the hotel and I find ally. "where were you?" she grabs me. "you'll never believe what happened."

Compared to what i've been through it probably won't shock me. "what?" I ask

"Zayn and me we -"

"you what"

"well we"

"oh my god you didn't?"


"um. Ew? I don't know how to respond to that!"

"are you kidding! It's so good, he asked me out again, he wants me to stay on tour with him."

"well congrats."

"hey hey I heard about you and Liam."

"ah I don't want to talk about it, it's complicated."

I got into bed. Its weird to think that this morning I woke up in my own small little room, and now I'm in a huge hawaiian resort and Louis and liam are fighting over me. I bet this is a dream and tomorrow I will wake up and it will have never happened. Suddenly my phone buzzes.

Meet me on the beach at 11. So i can see what makes you beautiful. Love Louis.

I get dressed quietly so that I dont wake up Ally. The air was crisp outside. I wait on the beach. It's 11.15, I couldn't believe it, had he set me up? That ass.

"Fiona" I hear his voice

I turn around, he grabs me and kisses me for ages. Longer than Liam. It is the most amazing kiss of my life. He keeps kissing me, running his hands through my hair.

"wow." I sigh. We flop down on the sand. "I brought us a picnic" he says, in a deep sexy voice.

"that looks amazing, but we need to talk."

"oh ok"

"why do you like me, i barely know you?"

"why do I like you? Because you didn't run screaming at us like a crazy fan, because you didn't keep my backpack for yourself, you know you could have made lots of money and caused lot of controversy with what was in there but you didn't. Your sweet and funny and beautiful. I just want you to like me. I feel like knowing you is the best part of my life.

We stayed out all night. Went swimming and saw the dolphins. At 3 am we sat on the beach with a bonfire, eating mango. He offered me his jacket. At 4 am we were almost asleep, "I think" he whispered, playing with my hair, "yeah" I smiled. This was perfect. I closed my eyes, smelt the sea breeze and exhaled. This couldn't be more perfect. "I love you."

I don't reply. "oh you're asleep. I'm such an idiot, like any one would like me for me? All they like is one direction, I would be noone without the band, as if a non fan could ever love me.

I turn around,"shut up and kiss me. Of course I do."

And that's just what he did.

Oh my god it's 6. We have to get back. we walked into the hotel lobby, our hair salty and sandy, clothes all messed up. Louis hugged me and kissed me.

"what the.."

Liam stood in the doorway to the lobby.

"uh, Liam um well …"

"just forget it fiona, I mean what I say, and you've just really hurt me."

"liam you don't always have to fucking win, give me a chance for once in my life."

"everything i do you think is a joke Louis, I have feelings."

"yeah sure, how come it has to always be crushing my feelings."

"screw you this band is useless."

"then why don't you quit you total knob."

"why don't you."

"fine. I will."

"no no no don't" i yell.

"what? You can't fix this" Liam snaps, "yeah, you can't honestly like him?" Louis yells.

"I can't do this! I just can't choose ok why is it my decision?"

I run to my room.






God, i have no idea what I'm doing. I love Louis, but have I given Liam a shot?

Chapter 2.

Oh my gosh it wasn't a dream. I wake up to a tropical paradise. Except then all of last nights drama comes flooding back to me. I kissed Louis and Liam. Great what the hell am I supposed to do now.

Meanwhile the boys were in a meeting mode.

"Right, we need to work out what the fuck is going on here" yelled Harry. "I mean all this fighting over a girl, she must be blind if she cant see that I'm the hot one."

"ha very funny" zayn quipped "but seriously what are we doing? Louis and Liam look like they're ready to kill each other."

"he stole my girl" Liam yells, "your girl? Dream on buddy" Louis yells back angrily. "settle fellas" Niall says calmly. "I think I know how to settle this." he smiles cheekily

"you each can try to win over fionas heart. No lying, no sneaky tricks. Whoever she chooses at the end of the week gets her, and the other person will accept it, ok"

"but I don't -"

"shut the fuck up Liam, this is fair ok" Louis answers.

"fine I was just going to say I don't think it's fair to you as i clearly will win."

Game on.

I walked down to breakfast. God I feel to sick to eat. Just as I was about to make my way up to my room I see Liam in the hall.

"hey" he smiles

"uh hey, about last night, listen."

"oh don't worry, quick we have to go now if we want to make it."

Before I can ask where he takes me by the hand into a white convertible. And we drive off into the streets of Hawaii.

"may i ask where we are going? Or are you just going to kidnap me." i laugh

"kidnap of course." Liam jokes. I pretend to laugh, even though he's not that funny.

"seriously though"

"you'll see. Anyway let's listen to the radio."

I turned it on to some random station. What makes you beautiful was playing. "god it's weird listening to that."

"I like it, it has grown on me I must admit."

When the song finished the presenters started talking

"and that is a hit by the gorgeous one direction. There's a bit of goss about these boys, apparently they arent as perfect as we thought they are."

"what the fuck" exclaimed Liam.

"apparently Liam was caught speeding at 2am down a London street last month, god knows what trouble he was up to."

Liam hits the radio of and gets a really angry look.

"don't they even realize that we are actual people, who the hell are they to just make shit up about us. I wasn't up to mischief. My little sister had just started

To wake up after her operation and I wanted to be there for her when she woke up."

That is the sweetest thing ever. "what was her operation."

" she was born almost deaf, she had to have a cochlear implant so she could hear. I wanted her to hear my voice, I wanted to see her reaction. So I got there as fast as I could."

"you are the sweetest big brother ever!"

"thanks Fiona, hey were here."

We pull up at a beach. A woman in a wetsuit greets us.

"are you guys ready to go?"

Liam looks at me and smiles "i always heard aussie girls were

Good surfers. So let's see what you've got! Teach me!"

"are you serious? I'm not even a surfer. This will be embarrassing!" I exclaim.

"good!" he laughs.

The woman hands us each a board. And I try to squeeze into one of the wetsuits. Oh god it's so tight "um can I please have a bigger size" I ask the woman.

The woman gives me a judging look "sure, if you need it.."


She comes back, with the ugliest old worn wetsuit ever, "here, I found a large" she says rudely, emphasizing the 'large.'

I'm speechless, this was so embarrassing, and in front of Liam as well.

"what are you doing?" Liam asks the woman, "why are you being so rude? Are you jealous? Is that what it is?"

The woman didn't say anything, her cheeks went bright red. "sorry, I'll uh find a, uh better one."

"cheers" liam smiled. He whispered to me "she's so jealous of you."

Considering it a lot of people would be jealous of me right now. Why wasn't I just enjoying all this? I mean I was surfing with Liam from one direction! Wait, is this a date? Oh god. This is so unfair to louis. I try to relax, it probably isn't even a date. We're just hanging out right?

We paddle out into the water, it's warm and I can feel the sun soak into my skin. I just want to lie out here on the serene ocean forever

"hey look a wave I'll set it up for you!"

Before I can say anything Liam sends me and my board rocketing down a huge wave for a few seconds I glide then suddenly I freak out, i lose control of the board and get thrashed up and down in the wave. The sand has scraped my legs and I think I might have sprained something.

As i hobble on to the shore Liam rides a wave in. "Oh my God are you okay?"

"uh yeah I think. Except I hurt my ankle, it really hurts to stand on it."

Liam picks me up and carries me to the car. This is so amazing. I am being carried by the gorgeous Liam from one direction.

"so…" he says, as we climb back in the car, "not the dream ending to a date."

"date?" I ask, is this a date? Oh my god, this just got so awkward.

"oh, yeah I just thought, you know I mean, why wouldn't you want to go out with me? Im obviously better than Louis."

I cant believe what I'm hearing, "Liam you can't just assume I'll like you."

"uh, yeah I can, im Liam fricken Payne."

"so? You think I'll like you just because you're in a band."

"ha, I'm not just in a band, I'm in one direction!"

"you are being so arrogant."

Liam looked hurt. He was so used to everyone loving him. Was he becoming addicted to fame? The unfamiliar sting of rejection stung him, this was a foreign experience to the gorgeous singer.

" Liam I just mean that you can't assume I'll like you, just because you're in one direction."

"so you don't like me?"

"no, I do. I mean, I think I do. I feel like I do but I can't figure out if it's real or I'm just being starstruck."

"oh. Well I really do like you"

We got back to the hotel. He helps me out of the car. He leans in to kiss me as I lift one leg off the ground

"crap!" suddenly I feel my ankle buckle below me and I fall on top of Liam.

"I'm so sorry!"


"whats wrong?"

"you're nose is bleeding."

"ah crap! I'm sorry I have to get back to my room."

I quickly hobble away clutching my nose.

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