Kids In Australia --- A 1D fanfic

This is about a girl called Fiona and how she and her friends meet one direction. It is set in Australia.


1. The week of my life

AN: If my grammar and spellings are bad please say. Thank you :) please R&R 

I always hated one direction, and got really annoyed when people would always talk about them. Maybe because my sister was

obsessed, i mean obsessed! She renamed our cat Niall and our dog Zayn. It was so annoying , I'd sworn I hated those stupid

Boys. If I heard wmyb one more time I would scream! I thought thy were pretentious assholes who just wanted fame!

Then one day I was going into the city to see a movie with my friend Ally. We were walking through the middle of the city when a group of boys ran into us. "sorry ladies" I heard in a deep English accent. The boys ran past into a hotel. One of them fell and dropped his backpack. "shit!" I said as I picked it up. Suddenly a mob of teen girls followed. Quickly ally and I ran into the hotel behind them to avoid being squashed by the mob. As the boys disappeared ally and I sat in the lobby to catch our breath. Ally started to look in the bag "oh my bloody god" she exclaimed ."what" I said. She showed me the name tag on the bag "Louis Tomlinson"

"that's -"


"oh my -"


The bag had all the information about their Australian tour. Suddenly I saw a familiar glint.

It was an iPhone. I grabbed it - omg it had all the numbers of all the boys, all the unreleased songs, their itinerary - EVERYTHING. I wasn't even a fan and I couldn't even breathe!

'we have to find them and return this'

'yeah, well maybe we can get a picture or something!'

Suddenly I hear that familiar English accents 'hey girls'

I turned around, it was one direction.

"oh my gosh" ally was breatheless

' have your bag" I said to Louis, who was gorgeous in real life. I handed it to him as he smiled and thanked me. "can I take a photo?" I asked quickly, and handed him my iPhone so he could take a selfy of us.

"hurry up Louis! We have to go mate" zayn yells and pulls Liam away from us.

"omg we just met one direction" ally says excitedly. I smiled, I might just be becoming a fan! They were so gorgeous and nice, in fact I wouldn't mind dating one of them. As I start to fantasize about life as a one direction girlfriend my phone buzzes in my pocket.

Wait a second, that isn't my ringtone. I check the screen, shit, I have Louis phone! That means he has mine - and is calling me.

"hello, -"

"relax" Harry laughs "silly Louis got your phones mixed up, but we think the pink cover really suits him, but we need to get his phone back. Were on the plane to Hawaii. Would you mind if we arrange to have you flown out to meet us, we can't trust the post with the phone it had really important documents on it like new songs and our tour details."

"wait, you mean fly out to Hawaii to meet you just for the phone"

"well if you don't want-"

"NO I really do!"

"great, stay at the hotel our car will come pick you up."

A huge stretch hummer came to pick us up. The inside was all leather and gold, so fancy. There was a huge TV and 1D stuff everywhere. The best part was the huge hot tub at the back of the hummer, it was so cool.

When we got to the airport I was still in shock. "so are we flying qantas or…" "qantas?" the driver laughed "you guys are flying PRIVATE JET" he took us out to the fanciest jet, which has massive lounge size chairs and twinkly lights. Taking a seat I was given a huge cocktail and a flight attendant came out to greet us

"would you like to go shopping"


Before I could blink she pressed a button and a huge cupboard opened, full of the coolest clothes and bikinis.

"wait, its so nice, but I have no money I can't afford it."

"don't worry girls, the 1D boys have said it's on the house"

I filled two whole suitcases with the nicest dresses and bikinis from tigerlily, seafolly, country road, asos. It was amazing.

"is this actually happening" ally asked

"I must be dreaming" I say.

Suddenly we arrived in a tropical paradise, the beach was white and sandy, the water was crystal clear. The sun was setting. It was amazing.

"oh my god" I realize, I haven't told ellie I won't be home. Ellie is my older sister, she's 19 and absolutely loves one direction. She's looking after me while my parents are studying pyramids in Egypt. She will either be happy for me

Or kill me.

(ring ring)

Ellie: hello

Me: hey it's me, Fiona

Ellie: fi, this is a weird number his phone is it?

Me: yeah uh funny story, it's Louis tomlinsons

Ellie: ha funny seriously where are you?

Me: um Hawaii

Ellie: seriously quit messing around where are you

Me: we have to give Louis phone back to him in Hawaii.


me- "just, just let me explain!"

Ellie: I can't believe this, are you kidding me

Me: no really I'm not I don't know how it happened it was so fast

Suddenly ally interrupted - "Fiona there's a car here for us lets go"

"ell I'm sorry i really have to go I'll call you later" I hang up the phone. We quickly get in the limo with our suitcases. "where are we going" ally asks. "the boys have a video shoot today for their new song, we have to meet them there."

Soon we pulled up at this amazing beach and there they were. They were so perfect. Louis flipped his hair and smiled as he walked up to us. "you girls look nice, I'm glad they treated you so well, sorry for making you fly all the way out here, but we really needed that phone, and it doesn't hurt to have two beautiful girls on our video shoot now does it?"

"aw um thanks um it's our pleasure um you are so um kind of you um yeah" I reply tongue-tied. Louis smiles and gives me back my phone.

"thanks for all this. Should we be going now?" I stammer.

"go, no way, I want to keep the girls here!" Harry yelled out, as he gave me a cheeky grin. Harry was seriously hot in real life. His smile, his hair, those ABS oh my god he was perfect. I turn to ally, wait, where was she?

Suddenly I hear her laugh, she's already in the water playing around with zayn.

"I never got to know your name." liam asks, smiling. "oh, I'm Fiona" I giggle. " come for a swim with us Fiona.! when the sun is setting we have to finish shooting our video." he pulls me close and whispers in my ear "I get to sing to a pretty girl" wait a second, was Liam hitting on me? All of a sudden Louis grabbed me, "I'll take her for a swim, cheers mate."

Louis and i ran into the crystal water "ooh it's cold" I squeal and jump into Louis arms. He laughs as I notice how strong his biceps are. "I'm pushing you in!" he flashes me a cheeky smile. "In your dreams!" I cry as I run away from him through the shoreline. He rips his shirt off and dives in. I notice how good his body is as the shimmering water glides over him. He puts his hands around my waist and pulls me in. "oh you suck!" I exclaim. We walk in from the water and sit facing the beautiful ocean.

"I can't believe this is actually happening to me." i say out of breath.

"yeah, it must have been crazy for you, just suddenly coming out here." Louis smiles. Somehow his hair had managed to dry in the perfect position, as though he had styled it for ages.

"well im not complaining, it's pretty good."

"ha yeah I bet." god, his accent is so sexy.

"can I ask you something." he says, putting his arm behind my back, "are you a fan, honestly"

"um, to be perfectly honest I wasn't that big a fan before I met you guys. I'm so sorry."

Louis smiled, "I've never met a girl who isn't a fan. It's cool, sometimes I wish a girl would get to know me for me not my fame."

He moved closer to me

" and a girl who I think I might be really into who I can get to know….better." he stopped and looked into my eyes. His face moved closer to mine. Was Louis about to kiss me? I felt his warm breath on my face - "LOUIS QUICK WE HAVE TO START FILMING." Liam yells

"sorry" he whispers, "bloody cockblocker" he laughs "come on."

"bye guys" I yell. "wait, where

are you going? We talked to the producer, were having you in the video, that cool?"

"uh yeah, I guess"

Ally and I are whisked into hair and makeup. Suddenly we were made up, just like the girls in the what makes you beautiful music video.

"quick we need felicia!" the director yells

"my names Fiona"

"yeah yeah quick we need the solo scene now!"

I'm shoved onto a white balcony overlooking the beach, there's Liam in a white shirt and shorts. Bloody hell he looked hot.

"you're all I want.

You're all I need.

Only you girl. Oh only you."

He sang, holding me close. Was this actually happening? The music track finished and suddenly he kissed me. My head was on fire with thoughts, i could not actually believe this was happening. After what felt like hours he pulled away and hugged me. Oh, I guess it's just what they needed for the video i mean as if any one direction would be interested in me? Right.?

"what was that liam, that was not in the script." the director yelled

" I couldn't help myself" he giggled

I didnt know how to respond, and I didn't need to because Louis stormed on to the set, "you total ass, you knew I liked her and you just crossed the bloody line."

Everyone was dead silent. What the hell just happened? Everybody was staring at me. I didn't know what to do so I just ran down the beach as fast as I could. I finally stopped and sat down and just burst out crying.

I had no idea what was happening. It was so overwhelming, I didn't deserve any of this. And Liam just kissed me. How the heck did this happen?

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