Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


40. Whaaa

Ariana's POV


"What!" I groaned 

"GET UP!!" She screamed

"Go bug Daddy!" I whined

"I can't!" Ava pouted 


"Cause he's busy recording a song with Uncles!"Ava whined

"Ugh Okay Ava but get out so Mommy can get dressed..." 

"OKAY!!!" Ava skipped out the room. I quickly put on my orange love pink shirt with grey 'pink' pants and boots.

"MOMMY HURRY!!!" Ava yelled. I ran out of the room and scooped her up.

"Bacon?" I asked

"YESSSS!!!!" Ava yelled. I started cooking bacon with Ava's help. 

"BACONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!" I heard Ashton yell

"Uhh Not for you Ash!" I laughed

"YEAH UNCLE ASHTON!!!" Ava yelled. Ashton pouted.

"Go back to recording!" I yelled at Ashton

"Fineee But Luke is being grumpy" Ashton whined

"Tell him to smiled and be less grumpy or I'll kick his ass!" I joked

"Okay!!"Ashton skipped upstairs. Ava set the table so we could eat... 

"Mommy can we go for a walk?" Ava asked

"Sure baby,Go get dressed" I smiled. We both skipped upstairs to get ready. I put on my white long sleeve shirt that hangs off the shoulder with jeans and brown heels. I put my hair in fishtail braids.

"Ready mommy!" Ava yelled

"Yep!" I smiled. I raced Ava to the recording room to tell Luke.I saw him holding the twins and singing! It was too cute!

"Can you tell Luke Ava and I are going for a walk?" I asked Calum 

"Yepppp" he smiled

"LETS GO MOMMY!!!!!" Ava yelled while dragging me out of the house. We started walking down the street. Once we arrived at the Starbucks I saw one of my exes...

"ARIANA!" He yelled

"Hi William!" I smiled. Ava hid behind me and held onto my leg. 

"You haven't changed one bit!" Charlie laughed

"You did a lot!" I smiled 

"Who's that?" Charlie asked

"Oh um that's my first daughter Ava" 

"Hi Ava!" Charlie bent down and smiled

"So do you have any kids?" I asked Charlie

"Uhh Yeah.. I'm a single Dad with a son" He smiled. Charlie is 3 years older than me and we dated in elementary school to when I was 14. Then I found Luke and became even more famous! 

"Where is he?" I laughed

"DADDY!" Charlie's son yelled

"Hey Bud!" Charlie smiled "This is William he's 3" 

"Hi William this is Ava she's 2" I smiled

"Wanna walk?" Charlie asked

"Uhh sure" I smiled Ava and William started holding hands and skipping and It was soooo cute! But Charlie started holding my hand and memories came flooding in! The pictures we took and just everything! 

"Remember this place?" Charlie asked

"Uhh Yeah it's where are first date was" I smiled from the memories. Us kissing having a picnic. Feeding each other. Charlie giving me a promise ring. Laying on his chest...

"Ariana?" Charlie asked

"Yes?" I asked

"I've never stopped loving you! When you said it was over and never came back to the school I was looking for you! When you tweeted where you were going and stuff I followed! I still love you Ariel! I miss you!"

" I miss you too but I three kids..."

"So they can move in with us" Charlie smiled

"No Charlie!"


"I have a husband" Then he leaned in and kissed me! It was horrible! I started to cry! Once he pulled away I grabbed Ava and ran crying! What if paps caught us!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Ugh 

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