Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


25. Sick little twins

Ariana's POV

Last night was amazing! All the fans were sooo sweet at the meet and great! But one of them got the twins sick... I was holding the twins while I signed CD's and stuff... Poor kids. I was up all night taking care of them...

"Mommy Clover barfed on Daddy!" Ava yelled

"Haha! Give Daddy this" I said handing Ava a cloth

"Ariana will you be able to perform tonight at our last concert on our tour?" Jade asked worried

"uhh Yeah as long as Luke Ava and the twins stay backstage." I smiled

"Or they can come on stage!" Jade jumped up and down

"Okay Okay! But you have you have to hold one!" I yelled

"I CALL LEO!!!" Jade yelled back

"OKAY!!!" I packed the twins diaper bag so we could go to the doctors.

"READY LUKE?!?!?!" I yelled

"YEAH!!!" Luke yelled

~At the doctors~

"Okay so Leo has a fever but Clover has a really really bad fever and she going to have to take medicine in order for her to get better" The doctor sighed 

"Anything else?" I asked worried

"Umm Yes if you want you can give Leo this" The doctor said handing me something

"Okay thanks" Luke said while picking the kids up. I payed for the medicine.

"Excuse me Mrs.Hemmings?" The Secretary asked

"Yes ma'am?" I asked

"Can you and the girls come meet my daughter and her friend who are suffering stage 4 cancer tomorrow? It would mean the world to her!" The secretary cried

"Yes of course!!!!" I smiled and hugged her

"THANK YOU!!!!" She yelled

"Mind if Ava and Marcy come?" I smiled

"OH NO OF COURSE THEY CAN!!!!" She hugged me. I walked to the car and went back to the hotel to get ready for the concert!

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