Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


38. NO!

Ariana's POV

I couldn't handle all of the tension. So I cut my wrists... Luke was sleeping so I got lucky! I cut a bunch of cuts . I was gushing blood... I sat down and cried! Luke can't find out! I guess I'll have to wear sweaters... 


I woke this morning to Luke kissing my forehead a million times!

"What's up with the kisses?" I asked

"Cause I looooove you!" Luke said while kissing me

" I love you too!" I smiled "But leave I have to get dressed and showered!" 

"Can I come?" Luke asked

"uhh no I ummm wanna have a urmm shower uhh by myself uhh yeah!" I lied 

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah babe I'm great dandy fine couldn't be better!" I smiled it off

"Okay..." Luke said while he walked out of the room. I quickly ran into the bathroom and cleaned up everything! I hopped in the shower and cleaned my cuts.... Now surviving a sweater in the hot sun! I put on my brown long sleeve sweater with my light brown skirt and a black boot. I just left my hair down...

"Ariel!" Luke yelled

"Yes?!" I yelled back again

"Leo needs food!" He said while walking in

"Then feed him!" I laughed

"What's that?" Luke said referring to my wrist

"Oh that?" I played dumb "Roxy cut my arm by accident!" I lied 

"Oh..." He replied

"Uhh Yeah.." 

"Then what are these?" Luke asked while holding up blades

"I don't know" I lied

"Ariana arms" Luke said

"Yes Luke I have arms!" I rolled my eyes

"No! Give me your arms!" Luke demanded. I put my arms out and Luke lightly touch one of the cuts under my sweater and I winced in pain.

"Ariana did you-" I cut Luke off "NO!" I cried. Luke lifted up my sleeves and revealed the cuts.

"Did you?" Luke asked. I nodded... "Noo Babe don't do that!" Luke cried. He held me in his arms whiled I cried...

"love!" He said

"Yes?" I cried

"Look at me" He sighed

"No.." I felt Luke bring put his two fingers under my chin and lifted my head up.

"Babe. I love you and please don't cut!" Luke cried

"I'm sorry Luke it's just I-" Luke crashed his lips on my lips and we kissed for like ever! I was still crying so Luke held me close while he packed our bags and he wouldn't let go! 

"Luke the twins are-" "Oh!" Liz said in shock

"Mom we are leaving" Luke said with tears

"Luke we don't-" I got cut off

"Luke I am not letting you leave with the kids and Ariana!" Liz yelled

"Well I'm leaving!" Luke yelled

"No! Ariana here's a ticket now go! And Luke-"

"Liz please" I cried


"Please Mrs.Hemmings!" I cried 

"NO ARIANA!" She yelled. I turned to face Luke. I grabbed his face and kissed him..

"Luke I love you but your Mom doesn't want us together so I guess this is it" I cried

"No" He cried

"I'm sorry!" I cried

"MOM PLEASE!" Luke yelled

"LUKE ENOUGH!" Liz yelled

"I love you!" I cried and hugged him. He held me close.

"Skype?" He asked

"I- uhh sure" I cried "Here!" I said while handing him my ring. I grabbed my bags and walked downstairs.

"By Mr.Hemmings" I cried

"Where are you going?" He asked

"Home!" I cried


"Liz uhh doesn't want me in Luke and the kids life" I cried harder 

"MOMMY NO!!!" Ava cried and hugged me

"I'm sorry baby!" I cried 

"NO!" Ava screamed

"Wear this to remember me and hep Daddy take care of Leo and Clover" I cried and handed Ava my locket with me and Ava in it. I stood up and walked over to the twins.. I kissed them both and walked out the door with my bags...

Luke's POV

"She's gone" I cried

"Now! Luke we must get rooms ready!" My mom smiled

"Mom I'm 20" I rolled my eyes

"Fine!" My mom yelled

"House!" I smiled

"Where?" My mom asked

"U.K" I smiled

"The neighbours its is!" My Mom smiled. Ughh I forgot it was for sale!

"Mom!" I cried

"WHAT?!?!" She snapped


"Why what?" 

"Why did you kick my baby out!" I cried

"Cause she's no good and you know it!" "Now go and unpack!" My Mom snapped

Ariana's POV

I'm now on the plane and I am crying hard! I can't believe this happened! I loved Luke and still do! My whole life is gone! My kids won't have a Mom! Anyways My flight is almost over thank god! Zayn is picking me up! I just can't believe it!

~In the U.K.~

I just landed and I'm waiting for Zayn!

"Ariana!" Zayn yelled

"ZAYN" I cried and hugged him

"What happened where's Luke?!?!" He asked. I told Zayn everything and he hugged me. I wish Luke were here!

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