Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


47. Night with Ashton

Kenya's POV

Ashton has been really stressed lately with the new album and looking for the perfect beat and stuff... I just really miss him! Whenever I come home from School all I hear is BANG BANG BANG Ughh! And the only other time I ever see Ashton is when I bring him his dinner!!!! He's never in bed so our bed is cold... I'm just really upset! I miss my husband! Plus whenever I go out and get tackled by fans he's never there to help me or hold me close. Anyways.. I'm currently at school...

"Okay Mrs.Irwin you may go home early tonight babe!" The teacher winked. GOD he's such a pervert! I quickly ran to my car hoping I could get home in time to see Ashton... I rushed home and ran through the door to see Ashton taking off his shoes! PERFECT TIMING!!! 

"Hey stranger" I smiled

"Hey Babe" Ashton smiled

"Whatcha doin tonight?" I asked

"Same as usual" Ashton said in a duhh voice

"Oh" I sighed as he ran up the stairs. What do I do? I KNOW I'LL ASK PERRIE!

Me: Hey Perrie can I ask you something?

Perrie: Yeah sure anything babe xx

Me: What do you do when Zayn works all day and night on a song and you never see him?

Perrie: Oh umm I normally ask him to spend a night with me and take one night and just tell him how you feel

Me: Thanks Pez you're a life savour!!! xx

Perrie: No problem babe! xx

Me: Seeya 


I sat down on the couch thinking of what to say to Ashton... Then it hit my like a rock! I quickly ran upstairs and heard him crying...

"Babe what's wrong?" I asked worried

"I-I-I Can't do it!" He cried. I put his head in my hands and looked at him.

"You can do anything! You are the most amazing person I know, You always know what too do!" I smiled


"YES!" Ashton looked at me then got up and sat down. He started a beat and sang along to it.

"I DID IT!" Ashton yelled

"Yay! Does that mean your done for now?" I asked

"No!" He yelled

"Oh" I just sat on the floor and I felt my vision go blurry. oh No Kenya  don't cry!!!! Not now! But I burst out into tears and screamed

" I CAN'T TAKE IT! ALL YOU DO IS WORK WORK WORK! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN WEEKS AND WE HAVEN'T KISSED OR CUDDLED IN A LOOOONG TIME!" "I miss you Ashton!" I closed my eyes and felt him pull me into his lap.

"I'm sorry babe!" He sighed

"Can you please take the night off?" I cried

"Yes,Now lets go have a bath!" He smiled and carried me into the bathroom. I started the bath and put bubbles in it. I sat in the bath with Ashton behind me and we stayed there for about an hour cuddling. I got in a towel and Ashton scooped me up and ran towards our bedroom. He threw me his pony shirt with his boxers while he just put boxers on.

" I love you" Ashton said 

"I love you to" I smiled

"No I mean I love you more than anything! I'm soooo glad I found you!" Ashton leaned in and kissed me!

"I miss your kisses and cuddles" I sighed

"Well I've been saving them!" He smiled and hopped into bed. I curled up next to him and he pulled me on top of him. He kept issing me and singing... God I love and miss this boy!


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