Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


36. Meeting Luke's parents!

Ariana's POV

I skipped downstairs this morning being happy! It's finally SPRING! I love spring! Even though it rains a lot in the UK!

"Uhh Ohh Daddy!" Ava said "Mommy's in a good mood!" I laughed

"Why so happy babe?" Luke asked

"It's spring and I looooove spring!" I smiled and poured coffee. I know I shouldn't drink coffee since I'm short but being a mom of 4 kids can get hard! One of them I married!!

"Sooo Ariana I was thinking we could go visit my parents and the kids haven't met them and they wanna meet you soo?" Luke said

"YEAH OF COURSE!" I yelled

"YAY I SEE urmm?" Ava said

"Whatever you want to call them!" Luke smiled

"Gramma and papa!" Ava smiled

"Well I'll get the private jet ready and we'll leave today?" Luke asked

"Sure! I'll pack!" I smiled and skipped upstairs. I took a quick shower and put on something nice.. I put on a button up denim shirt and tied the bottom. I put on black tight pants with white bow flats and a watch. I braided my hair in a messy braid. Ever since I had the twins I only dye my hair blonde or brown. I started packing my bag! Soon Ava came in the room wanting to get dressed.

"Bath first!" I winked

"Shower!" She pouted

"Fine!" I rolled my eyes. I gave Ava a quick shower and got her dressed in a White top with flower and jean shorts with little boots. Ava helped me get Clover and Leo dressed. We put Clover in a white dress with pink hearts. Leo was in a blue and white shirt with overalls. Luke helped me Finnish packing! Once we were done packing our limo driver drove us to our private jet and we were off! 

"Mommy are we there yet?" Ava asked

"Yes baby! Why don't you go nap?" I offered Ava

"Okay!" She ran to her bed and fell asleep. Luke and I cuddled on the couch and just talked.

"What if your parents don't like me?" I asked worried

"They will!" Luke said very calm...

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! They'll love you!" He said while kissing my cheek

"Luke?" I asked

"Yes?" He asked

"I love you!" I smiled

"I love you too!" He smiled and kissed me. We kissed for what felt for ever! I miss his kisses!! I mean ewww! AHA! Who am I kidding!!

"Babe wake up we're here!" Luke said while kissing me.

"Okay.." I groaned. I picked up Leo and Clover but of course Clover wanted Dada... Atleast I had my little boy!! I held Ava's hand and we walked over to Luke's parents place... I was like sweating!

"Can I just turn around?" I asked Luke

"No!" Luke said while ringing the door bell. I heard footsteps then BOOM the door opened and his parents walked out.

"LUCAS!!!" His Mom yelled and hugged him.

"Hi Mom!" Luke said while hugging her back

"Who's this beautiful young lady?" Luke's Dad asked

"This is the love of my life Ariana!" Luke smiled.

"I'm Andrew!" Andrew said while shaking my hand

"And I'm Liz" His mom said

"Where is Ben and Jack?" Luke asked

"They're on their way!" Liz smiled. We walked into Luke's old house and it was a cute house...

"Babe you watch the kids and I'll get the stuff okay?" Luke whispered

"Okay!" I said and kissed him

"So Ariana how old are the kids?" Liz asked

"Ava is 2 and the twins are 6 months" I smiled

"Ahhh!" Liz said "Pregnant at 16" Liz looked disgusted "Slut.." She scoffed

"Excuse me ma'am I'll have you know I am not a slut!" I said annoyed

"Yes you are Ariana! What kind of girl lets a boy get you pregnant at 16 love!"

"Liz stop it she is not a slut!!" Andrew spoke up

"What's going on?" Luke asked

"I'll be back" I said while walking out the door

Luke's POV


"Luke why would you do that!" My dad said

"I wanted to start a family at a young age! NOW THANKS TO YOU I HAVE TO FIND MY WIFE!" I yelled and ran out of the house. I have to find her!!

Ariana's POV

I was walking down the street and I got lost! I just sat down hoping Luke would find me! I started to cry ad I heard three voices calling my name!

"ARIANA!!!" I heard Luke's voice

"Luke!" I cried out

"ARIANA!"He yelled and hugged me

"I-I-I-I-I-I'm sorry" I cried into his chest

"Awh babe it's not your fault!" He cooed

"So this is the girl you uhh" Ben winked

"SHUT UP BEN!" Luke laughed

"Lets go back to mom and dad's bro!" Jack said... This is going to be a loooong two weeks!

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