Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


13. Luke's Sick Day

Ariana's POV

Today has been HARD! Taking care of four kids.. One being sick Luke...

"Ariana" Luke whined

"Yes baby?" I asked

"Can you please make me a soup and tea?" He asked

"Sure baby!" I kissed him and walked away. I started making the soup when little Ava came up with paper.

"What's up Ava?" I asked

"A picture for Daddy!" She smiled an showed me. It was a drawn picture of our family!

"Awhhh good job baby!" I smiled

"I wanna give it to Daddy!!" Ava yelled

"Okay c'mon lets go give it to him" I smiled as she skipped upstairs

"Here Daddy!!!" Ava yelled handing Luke the picture.

"AWHHH Thank you baby!" Luke said while hugging her

"Oh umm I'm going out tonight with Perrie,Jade and Jesy..." I said while sitting on the bed

"When?" Luke asked

"When The kids are in bed..." I said

"MOMMY IT'S 7!" Ava yelled

"Wanna help mommy get ready?" I asked Ava and she nodded. Ava pick out my black zip up crop top with red pants and red heels. She helped me curl my hair. I put on smoky eyes and got my purse. I put Ava and Clover and Leo to bed.

"See you soon babe!'' I winked

"Bye!" Luke coughed

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