Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


11. Everyone meeting the twins!

Ariana's POV

Today we are having a small get  together for One Direction and their wives and kids and Little Mix. Calum and Ashton were busy and once again Micheal hates me... I set up snacks and a little buffet. It was cute.

"Ava lets get you dressed up nice." I smiled

"Only if I dress you up!" She smiled when I nodded. I put on a little purple top on her with bows and put on plaid purple shorts with a little bow headband.

"MOMMY WEAR THOSE!!!" She pointed to a white dress with a brown belt and a brown leather jacket. Ava put bracelets on me and some rings. I looked in the mirror and saw Ava's little face brighten.

"You know what little girls get when they help Mommy?" I asked Ava

"KISSES!!!!!" Ava yelled as I kissed her. Ava LOOOVES kisses and I don't know why...

"Lets go get Clover and Leo ready Mommy!" Ava smiled

"Okay you get them matching clothes while Mommy gets them okay?" I asked

"Okay!" She smiled running to their room and got their 'Thing one and Thing 2' shirts. I quickly got them dressed

"ARIANA JADE JESY AND HARRY AND LIAM ARE HERE SEE THE TWINS NOW!!!" Luke yelled. Oh yeah umm Jesy and Harry are engaged... THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

"COMING!!!" I yelled back

"Ava sweetie?" I asked

"Yes Mommy?"She asked back

"Can you take the bibs and the feeding blanket downstairs for me?"

"YES SIR!" Ava yelled picking them up and marching away. I walked downstairs with the twins and Jade and Jesy awwwh'd.

"Who's who?" Harry asked

"Clover is the youngest and Leo is the oldest" I smiled

"I wanna hold them!" Liam whined

"okay!" I laughed and handed him Clover and gave Jade Leo.

"I want a child to hold!" Jesy frowned

"Auntie Jesy you can hold me!!" Ava smiled

"Okay you little monkey!!!" Jesy said while picking Ava up. Soon Perrie Zayn and Marcy and Lucy showed up. Marcy and Ava went to play while Jesy held the twins. Then Leigh and Millie and Ruby came... Leigh and her husband divorced so her first kid wanted to live with him....

"Hi Auntie Ariana " Millie said

"Hi!" I smiled. Millie is now 6!


"YESSSSS" He yelled back


"YESSSS!!!!" He yelled

"Ooohhh this will be a show!!!" Harry winked. I just glared at him.. I fed the kids and walked back downstairs. Luke grabbed Clover and burped him and bit..

"Where's Niall?" Zayn asked

"Ohh umm They lost the baby so they are depressed and at the hospital" Jesy frowned 

"Umm Ariana Clover fell asleep.." Liam said

"Oh I'll go get her dressed. AVA BED TIME!!!" I yelled

"WHAT ABOUT MARCY?!?!" Ava yelled back

"EVERYONE IS STAYING THE NIGHT SO GO TO BED!!!!" I yelled. Ava dragged Marcy to her room and Perrie and I tucked them in and kissed their foreheads.

"You know Ariana?" Perrie said

"What?" I asked

"You are the best mom EVER" Perrie yelled at the ever part

"I just miss being a teen and single and living with you and Zayn" I sighed

"Well tomorrow Zayn and I are coming over to hang out and a movie day with the kids!" Perrie smiled

"Just stay here all night" I smiled

"Okay!" Perrie smiled

"Did you pack clothes?" I asked

"umm Yeah"

"YAY!!!!" I yelled hugging Perrie. I walked downstairs and teased Luke by sitting with Zayn.

"I miss you Zaynie boo" I said into his chest

"I miss you too Boo!" He said into my hair

"I love you more than Luke!" I laughed

"I love you more than Perrie!" He laughed too


"BACK OFF MAH WOMAN!!" Zayn yelled. We all started laughing. I fell asleep in Zayn's arms like the old days... CAN'T WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!!

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