Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


55. Contest!

Okay guys so I feel like the cover for this movella isn't very flattering! So I was thinking I should have a contest! So the contest is who ever creates the best cover gets to A) be in this Movella and B) Their cover will be the cover for this movella! SO if you are interested comment below and I'll give you my email so you can email the picture to me! :DD


1)The cover must have Perrie or Zayn or Luke or a girl that looks like Ariana maybe even the kids with her.

2) Don't give out my email.

3) It can be a collage.

4) I know rules suck

5) BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I hope you guys are readyyyy!

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