Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


14. Clubbing gone WRONG *Reuploaded*

Ariana's POV

Tonight I'm going to a club with the girls! Perrie told everyone to wear crop tops... Perrie said I looked skinnier than before but she's a LIAR!!!  I put all the kids to bed and said bye to Luke.

Jade's POV

Perrie,Jesy and I pulled up at Ariana's place. Perrie ran in to get Ariana. Perrie was wearing a black crop top with red flowers and black jeans and black heels. She had a little feather ring with smoky eyes and nude lipstick. I was wearing a white crop top with pink polka dots. I had blue jeans with white shoes and a bow ring! I had a natural look. Jesy was wearing a black and white polka dot crop top with pink pants and yellow heels. She had natural look too!Ariana and Perrie hopped in our van and we were off!

Ariana's POV

We walked into the and the girls ran from me to get drinks. I don't drink.. THANKS A LOT MOM!

"Hi!" A man saidd

"W-w-w-w-who are you..." I stuttered

"The man of your dreams" He smirked

"I umm have t go get my sister..." I said walking away but he pulled me back so we were face to face.

"Oh Perrie?" He asked and I nodded "Oh a little birdie told her little Ariana went running home while crying" He laughed

"I'll go get my aunts..."

"They are gone to sweetheart..."

Perrie's POV


"Where's Ariana!?!?!" I yelled

"Oh little Ariana went running home crying.." A man said

"Oh okay thanks!" I said while running out the door and dragging Jesy and Jade. We all piled into the car and drove off to her place. Once we arrived I ran towards the door and opened it.

"ARIANA!!!" I yelled running around looking for her

"What's going on?" Luke said rubbing his eyes

"Wheres Ariana?!?!" I yelled

"Not here" Luke's eyes widened

"Molly watch the kids please!" Luke said to the Nanny. On the drive there Luke called Harry and tole him to bring the lads down to the club. Oh Ariana where are you?!?!

Ariana's POV

"DANCE WITH ME!!!" The man yelled again

"NO!!!" I cried back. Then he hit me harder than before

"NOW DANCE!" He yelled louder

"NO!" I cried as he raised his hand

"I don't think so!" I heard a voice behind me

"L-L-L-Luke!" I cried and hugged him

"Are you okay baby?" He asked worried

"No!" I cried and hugged him tighter


"Don't let him get what he wants stay strong lets go home.." I whispered. Luke pushed me into Harry and I held on to Harry.
"H-H-H-Harry make Luke stop!" I cried. Harry handed me to Zayn and Zayn held me.

"SO PRETTY BOY ARE WE GONNA FIGHT OR WHAT!?!?!" The man yelled.Luke threw a punch and I yelled "LUKE NO!" Luckily he missed.

"DON'T HURT HIM IT'S NOT NICE!!!" I screamed running towards them but Zayn pulled me back. I got out of Zayn's grab and ran to Luke. Then Luke punched me...


"Ariana I'm sooo sorry!" Luke said with hurt

"Just drop it" I cried and ran towards Perrie and Zayn

"I wanna pick up the kids and go to your place" I cried. Zayn picked me up and I cried. We picked up the kids and packed. I wrote Luke a little note and left. When I got to my old home I put the kids back to sleep and I fell asleep in my old room with a tear stained pillow.

Zayn's POV

" I don't know about you guys but I'm tired of Ariana coming here and crying and staying for days or months! Luke has hurt her too much and I'm at the point where I wanna make her move in again!! Even if she still wants to be with Luke..." I said mad

"I agree we need them to break up.." Jade said

"But how?" Jesy asked

"We have to convince her.." Perrie said


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